Edible Genuine Silver Leaf 95mm 3 3/4″ Booklet (transfer / patent)

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Edible Genuine silver transfer leaf in a pack.3 3/4 x 3 3/4-inch.


Chef Gourmet silver, ideal for decorating cakes, cupcakes, confectionery, chocolate, desserts, cocktails and beverages.


Professional Grade Leaf is attached to transfer paper for easy handling

11 reviews for Edible Genuine Silver Leaf 95mm 3 3/4″ Booklet (transfer / patent)

  1. JoAnna Leavitt

    Tops off a special ice cream Sunday or a special drink. Have fun with it. Small amount .

  2. Trishy Wishy

    Silver…a bit thin…stuck to protective sheets at points. Some could not peel off. Never experienced this with foil before. However it was packaged well. Used on canvas for art project.

  3. D. Austin

    I used it on reactive glass that I fused and I liked the result. It was quite difficult to apply, however. I wasted several sheets. But, I would buy it again.

  4. BS

    Good product

  5. Ronda W.

    I used the Genuine Silver Leaf Sheets to decorate a mirror frame. I purchased these primarily because they were listed as loose sheets and then for the cost. I needed just a couple more sheets to finish my project so I picked up a single pack of Martha Stewart brand at my local craft store. What a difference. Because my frame was highly detailed I preferred using the loose sheets so as to push the silver deep into the nooks and crannies. The Martha Stewart brand sheets have the silver leaf adhered to paper and must be firmly rubbed off to transfer the silver leaf. Needless to say unless your project is completely flat and smooth there is a lot of waste. Worth every penny ! And the results are a very shiny silver.

  6. PJ Mc

    It used it on a 100 year old mirror my husband used duck tape on and pulled the backing off part of the mirror. It worked but did not look like the original.

  7. Captains2012

    Best leaf on the market


    great item, super service, top marks.

  9. PaigeLPC

    Beautiful product, somewhat less than fantastic packaging as leafs are especially difficult to manipulate.

  10. H.A.B.

    Brilliant Quality and good size leaves to work with
    would I order again: YES, definitely
    would i recommend: YES, definitely

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