What Does Gold Taste Like?

A trend within the culinary world that has a more extravagant and decadent air to it is the process of using edible gold sheets or gold flakes. Often for the intent to decorate an assortment of food and drink dishes. Some examples of which…

What Is Gold Leaf?

Gold leaf is an ultra-thin layer of pure gold used by crafters to create a gilded appearance on projects such as picture frames, sculptures and book bindings. Applying it can be can be very labor-intensive and challenging for beginners. It…
edible gold flakes

4 Great Ideas For Using Edible Gold Flakes

When people think of gold, the first things that come to mind are luxury, wealth and decadence. Often this precious metal is being used in the creation of valuable jewellery. Naturally then, when the idea of edible gold flakes comes up, many…

What Is Silver Gilding? – Beginners Guide to Edible Silver

Did you know that the gold medals awarded in all Olympic Games are actually not gold? They are made of silver, and they have been ever since back in 1912 when this tradition started. Did you know that many royal crown jewels are also not gold?…
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Applying Gold Leaf On 3D Objects

Have you ever wondered how gold leaf is applied? Here are a few video tutorials explaining how to gold leaf anything the easy way.
how is gold leaf made

How Is Gold Leaf Made – Ultimate Guide

The process that creates the gold leaf is known as gold beating. The name, being pretty self-explanatory, leaves little to the imagination on what is actually happening here. Read this guide to find out how gold leaf is made.
is gold poisonous

Is Gold Poisonous

The popularity of gold fever is growing with such intensity, that we now have the pleasure of talking about - edible gold. And naturally, the first question that pops into our head would be ‘is gold poisonous?’ Read this article to find the answers.

Is Gold Edible? – The Ultimate Guide To Eating Gold

Do people actually eat gold? How long have people been eating gold? What happens to your body when you eat gold? How expensive is eating gold? Is edible gold actually a thing? Does edible gold contain real gold? - Find out here.
How to Apply Metalic Leaf Sheets | Gold Leaf Tutorials

How to Apply Metallic Leaf Sheets

Ever wonder how certain decors, crafts, or objects turn into a masterpiece bathed in golden glory? That's the beauty and wonder of applying metallic gold leaf sheets or gilding. Read our guide to understand the process of gold gilding.