Applying gold leaf can allow you to create stunning masterpieces. Rather than simply using a gold-colored pencil or gold paint for a golden item in your artwork, use real gold leaf instead. It will really bring attention to the part of the image and make it the focal point of your piece. 

You can also use gold leaf without any other paints or colors to make decorative accents to hang on your wall or give to a friend. The possibilities for using gold leaf really are limitless. Think about what you want to create, then bring your vision to life!

Today we have compiled two videos about how applying gold leaf on 3D objects. Let’s have a look.

How to Gold Leaf Anything

By Abby Larson

How to Gold Leaf Anything the Easy Way

By: Pretty Prudent

Gold leaf comes in packs of square sheets. While the cost to purchase gold leaf can vary, it probably isn’t quite as expensive as you may think. This is especially true when you consider that each sheet is made from real gold. Generally speaking, you can find a pack of 25 genuine gold leaf sheets available for between $40 and $65. The specific price can vary by manufacturer or retailer and will also depend on the purity level of the gold. 24-karat gold leaf sheets, the purest option, will be more expensive than 18-karat gold leaf sheets, for example.

How Is Gold Leaf Made
Image by Susanne Jutzeler, Schweiz, from Pixabay

Choose the gold leaf you need for your gilding process

FAQ for ‘Applying Gold Leaf On 3D Objects

Applying gold leaf on 3D objects is a fun project to take on, but understandably, some may be in the dark when it comes to how to go about it. Don’t worry. In this post, we’ve set out to answer some common questions relating to how to apply gold leaf to a 3D surface.

Stick around to learn more!

Can You Gold Leaf a 3D Print?

Yes, absolutely! To gold leaf 3D print, you’ll generally follow the same process you’d use to apply gold leaf to anything else. The key, however, will be carefully laying your gold leaf over each edge and hidden cranny of your object, as some 3D objects can be quite complex in design. Still, gold leaf can be applied to multiple surfaces using only brushing techniques and size to help the gold leaf adhere.

How Do You Stick Gold Leaf to Things?

If you’re a complete beginner, allow us to fill you in on the general process on how to create a wonderfully elegant-looking surface through the application of gold paper.
To achieve a shiny smooth surface, you’ll first want to clean and sand whatever 3D surface you purpose to gild. Of course, not every 3D surface can or should be sanded, but mediums such as wood often benefit from sanding prior to the gold leafing process.
Once your 3D surface is prepared, cover the entire surface to be gilt using adhesive. In case you’re wondering, you can use either water or oil based adhesive depending on your needs. Apply the adhesive using a soft brush.
Begin laying gold leaf over the adhesive once it is slightly tacky. Lay the gold leaf carefully using a soft brush. If you are using your hands to pick up imitation or real gold sheets, be sure to wear cotton gloves. This will prevent the gold leaf from becoming imprinted or torn by your fingers.
Once the gold leaf is carefully lain, use a brush to clear away the excess.
The final step is to apply a thin layer of clear coat wax or top coat solution. However, this isn’t always necessary. This is usually only done to protect gold leaf, but it sometimes can alter the look of real gold over time.
Note: When laying gold leaf or any other type of metal leaf, be sure to do so indoors and away from potential breezes. Gold leaf is very temperamental and can easily blow away, so the right environment when laying your gold leaf is imperative to achieve the desired outcome.

What Is the Best Adhesive to Use for Gold Leaf?

When it comes to applying gold leaf on 3D objects, you can choose to use either oil based size or water based adhesive. Which is best will be according to your intent of use for the final 3D project or print. If you are embarking upon 3D gilding for an item to use outdoors, you’ll most certainly need to use oil size.
If, however, you are planning for the gild to highlight intricate details on a 3D peice and plan to keep the gilded piece indoors, you can feel free to use water based adhesive instead.

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