Edible Genuine Silver Leaf 110mm 4 2/5″

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Super Large Loose 4 2/5 x 4 2/5-inch (110mm) Sheets


Ideal for decorating drinks, sweets, pastries, wedding cakes, and more.


Separated by Interleaf paper, able to handle by hand.

Genuine Edible Silver Leaf sheets (Interleaf) 110x110mm 4 2/5 x 4 2/5” loose leaves

Packed in the interleafing paper. A sheet of silver is placed between each page of the fine lightweight paper for easy handling.

The genuine silver leaf  is beaten mechanically by machines, through thousands of repetitions, mauling it to a thin layer of Silver leaf sheets.

Edible gold and edible silver leaf will surly impress your friends and family and elevate your food to another level!


Our edible silver is made with Genuine Silver metal leaf, it made with 100% pure silver. There are other metals leaves out on the market that is called "Silverleaf" because of their appearance. Silverleaf are in fact aluminum and have ZERO silver in them. Aluminum is NOT EDIBLE. The industrial term for these leaves is called imitation silver leaf. These leaves are used for the mass production of furniture and frames. The aluminum leaf has less luster and has a “whiter” metallic look than Genuine silver. Genuine silver has a warmer color tone. Please note that Genuine silver will oxidize over time when exposed to air.

Barnabas leaves are Professional Grade leaves, used by 5-star Restaurant Chefs. The size is almost 4 times as large as other leaves you see on the internet. (usually, their size is 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" but it is claimed to be approx 2x2"). Our thin sheets of edible silver leaf is perfect for sweets and food decoration. The silver foil is tasteless and very appealing to the eye, ensuring to impress anyone who lays their eyes upon the tasty treats.

Silver leaf sheets is also known as an edible silver foil, both are the same product just known under different terms.

Interested in edible gold leaf sheets? You can grab edible gold on our site as well!

19 reviews for Edible Genuine Silver Leaf 110mm 4 2/5"

  1. JoAnna Leavitt

    Tops off a special ice cream Sunday or a special drink. Have fun with it. Small amount .

  2. Kathryn B.

    Easier to use than expected. Great size sheet. Covered a 9” tier and still have loads left. Really happy with it.

  3. Sumedha S.

    These are loose sheets no practice how to use it but before it from same seller I bought transfer sheets three years back it was ok but with loose sheets I saw some people use wooden tweezers I hope work if it works I post pictures later.

  4. Andre Vaccaro

    Good product, works well. Cost is on the high side for this type of product.
    It is as advertised and is working well on my gilding project. I ordered another packet to complete my sculpture but need to find better cost, all about the numbers for me.

  5. Ejay

    Excellent! Timely delivery! Great on cake 🎂

  6. Amy

    I used this for kaju barfi (Indian sweet), as it is traditionally covered with silver paper. It made the sweet look absolutely professional, and everyone enjoyed!

  7. Dee Jones

    This silver leaf went perfect with my cake design. It was true to color. Very metallic. And very realistic. Unlike most metallic colors it was NOT dull and kept its color well after being applied to the buttercream.

  8. Lakshmi pathi

    Easy to use

  9. Acharya

    Good quality.. good size sheets

  10. Septeemo

    I loved how easy it was for the silver leaf to transfer onto my cake. When using, you have to keep silver leaf on it’s paper before you “transfer” or apply it..if not, it will crinkle up and/or stick to your fingers. Good quality silver leaf.

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