Genuine Gold Leaf

Genuine gold leaf can be and is often used for gilding in a number of ways, whether indoor or outdoor and on various materials.

Sets of genuine gold leaf come in packs of 25,100, 250 or 500 Sheets and are 3 1/8-inch x 3 1/8-inch in size. 500 hundred sheets should be sufficient to cover an area of approximately 32 square feet. However, for curved surfaces, more sheets will be required.

Our genuine gold leaf is available in 12kt, 18kt, 21kt, 22kt, 23.5kt, 23.75kt and 24kt variations. All of our variations of gold leaf are available as “Loose” or “Transfer/Patent” sheets.


  • One Sheet: 3 1/8″ / 80mm
  • One Booklet: 2 Square Foot (Approximately)
  • One Pack: 32 Square Foot (Approximately)

Loose Gold Leaf

Loose gold leaf sheets of gold leaf are inlaid loosely within a booklet of 25 tissue paper compartments, with each sheet having its own compartment.  Cutting this gold leaf is simple. All you have to do is take it from the booklet with your gilding knife and gently place it on a gilder’s cushion. Alternatively, you can also drop it directly onto the gilder’s cushion without the gilding knife. From here it can be picked up and placed on a prepared surface using a gilder’s tip.

Transfer/Patent Sheets

Here the individual sheets of gold leaf are pressed into the tissue paper. This tissue paper is larger than what you’ll typically see with loose-leaf sheets meaning that the gold leaf can be cut into shape before being transferred to the prepared surface.

When transferring this type of gold leaf to a surface, the sheet will be placed leaf side down and the tissue paper gently rubbed with a cotton ball to remove it. Often when gilding outside transfer/patent gold leaf is what people use, however, when doing so we recommended that 23.75kt or 24kt gold leaf is used.


Are Gold Leaf Sheets Real Gold?

Gold leaf sheets can either be made using genuine karat gold or imitation gold. Whilst genuine gold leaf is more expensive than imitation gold leaf we recommend using the former when possible as it will last much longer.

How Expensive Is Gold Leaf?

The price of gold leaf depends on a variety of factors. These include:

  • Whether the leaf is genuine or imitation gold leaf
  • The karat of genuine gold leaf
  • Whether you buy loose or transfer/patent gold leaf
  • Whether you decide to buy a booklet or pack (the latter can work out cheaper as you’ll be buying in bulk).

Are gold leaf sheets worth anything?

Genuine gold leaf sheets are worth quite a lot of money, especially to gilders and craftspeople. This is because an item gilded in gold is often more aesthetically pleasing and can therefore be sold for a higher price. Additionally, the karat of the gold leaf used will also increase this value even further.

What Adhesive Can I Use For Gold Leaf?

During the process of gilding gold leaf and adhesive size will be used to bond the gold leaf to the desired object. These sizes can be either water or oil-based, however, water and oil sizes cannot always be used interchangeably.

Oil-based sizes can either be purchased in quick or slow drying varieties and are your best choice for outdoor work.

However, water-based sizes will often be ready to have gold leaf gilded to them quicker and for longer. Additionally whilst not ideal for exterior work, water-based sizes aren’t ideal for exterior work, they will often work better for interior decoration due to providing a better finish.