Have you been searching for the best way to bring your cake decoration skills to the next level? If so, now is the perfect time to start learning, exploring, and experimenting with gold leaf for cakes. Continue reading to learn how to use gold leaf for cakes to help you create desserts that will be as beautiful as they are delicious.

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Is Gold Leaf Edible?

Before we get into how to use gold leaf on cakes, you still may have some questions about whether gold leaf is even edible. Gold labeled as edible gold is just that: edible. However, not all gold leaf is edible. Only 23- or 24-karat gold leaf is safe to eat. These are the purest types of gold leaf. They won’t have any other potentially toxic metals mixed in.

Edible gold leaf sheets and gold leaf flakes are safe to consume. Once eaten, pure 24k gold is able to move through the body’s digestive tract without being absorbed. This means that it is biologically inert. 

Edible gold leaf for your creative cake ideas

What Does Gold Leaf Taste Like?

You may be surprised to find out that edible gold is tasteless. Many would assume that it would give foods a metallic taste, but that just isn’t the case. This means that you can use edible gold leaf to enhance the look of cakes and other baked goods without worrying about it changing the way they taste.

Handling Gold Leaf

Gold leaf comes in very thin square sheets. It is very delicate and will wrinkle or tear easily if not handled properly. When working with gold leaf, you want to avoid touching the thin sheets with your skin. There are oils on our fingers that can cause the gold leaf to stick to your hands. This will make it nearly impossible to keep the sheet intact. It can have a negative impact on how your decorations turn out.

Rather than trying to handle gold leaf with your fingers, use a pair of tweezers to carefully move the gold leaf to the cake. Alternatively, a clean paintbrush can also help move gold leaf when you’re working with it.

Using gold leaf for cakes can be an exciting process.

How to Use Edible Gold Leaf on Cakes

If you’re ready to use gold leaf for cakes, there are a few specific steps you’ll want to follow. Working with gold leaf and learning how to apply it to a cake isn’t impossible, but it will definitely take some time and patience.

Start by baking and frosting your cake as desired. Once the cake is complete, place it in the refrigerator and let it chill for a minimum of one hour; you want to make sure that the frosting sets and is firm enough before you begin to apply the gold leaf to it.

Once the cake is chilled, remove it from the refrigerator and use the tweezers or paintbrush to move the gold leaf to the section you want to cover. Use the paintbrush to gently rub the gold leaf into place. You can also break the larger sheet into smaller flakes and use the tweezers to move them into the desired location.

Decorate cakes and desserts with edible gold leaf

Ideas for Decorating Cakes With Gold Leaf

There are many ways to use gold leaves for cake. Whether you’re making a wedding cake, birthday cake, or cupcakes, it can help you create an elegant and delicious dessert that is certain to be the center of attention.

One idea for how to use gold leaf is to use gold flakes to create an outline or frame around a piped design on the cake. You can also use the gold to create a design or pattern on the cake, allowing it to take the place of piped decorations. Gold leafing can also be added along the top and upper sides of the cake, making it look like the gold is dripping down the cake. Another idea is to cover the entire cake with gold leaf sheets, making a “solid” gold foil cake. You could do this for just one layer of a multi-layer cake, too, for an elegant look.

Other Ways to Use Edible Gold Leaf

In addition to all of its uses for cakes and other desserts, there are other food decoration uses for edible gold. For example, it can be used to decorate sushi, appetizers, soups, and more. Edible gold leaf can also allow you to make some really impressive drinks and cocktails for your next event. The shimmery gold flakes really add some sparkle and pizzazz for a special event. And, because gold leaf is tasteless, they won’t affect the way the beverage tastes.

Gold leaf for cakes can enhance the appearance of your dessert.

How to Store Edible Gold Leaf

Properly storing gold leaf sheets and gold leaf flakes for cakes is essential. You don’t want to damage the leafing and make it unusable the next time you need it. It is important to choose a cool and dry location to keep your edible gold flakes and sheets. Exposing them to humidity can cause the sheets to wrinkle or stick together.

Edible gold leaf sheets must be kept flat when stored. This will help prevent them from wrinkling or getting damaged in another way. 

The good news is that edible gold leaf will last for a very long time if you follow these storage tips.

Is Edible Gold Expensive?

Edible gold costs less than you may think. Because you do need to use either 23- or 24-karat gold, edible gold leaf can be more than other leafing types that may have a lower purity level. However, it is still relatively reasonable for how versatile it is and the impressive effect it can have on your cakes. You should expect to spend between $2.50 and $3.00 per sheet of edible gold leaf.

Edible gold flakes are also relatively reasonably priced. Another benefit of edible gold leaf flakes is that it doesn’t take many to make a big impact. This allows you to get a lot of uses out of each jar of flakes you purchase.

Check out for edible gold leaf sheets and flakes. Time for creativity!

Create a Masterpiece With Gold Leaf for Cakes

The decorating possibilities are endless, with edible gold flakes and gold leaf for cakes. With some imagination and a little bit of effort, you will be able to create baking masterpieces to share with friends or family or even sell to your clients and customers. What are you most excited to try now that you know more about using gold leaf on cakes?


Can you put gold leaf on a cake?

Yes, you can put 24-karat gold leaf on a cake. It is important to make sure that you are only using 23- or 24-karat gold leaf, as these are the only types of gold leaf that are considered edible.

What is gold leaf for cakes?

Been wondering about edible gold leaf for cakes? Well, edible gold leaf is precisely what it sounds like: a highly pure type of gold leaf that can be used for decorating foods, drinks, and other items. It is biologically inert, doesn’t have much of a taste, and is safe to eat.

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