Edible silver leaf, (also known as varak/varq in Indian cuisine) is a type of metal leaf. Often, this will be used to add some decoration to food or drink. Like with edible gold leaf, this will often be used on desserts such as wedding cakes in order to add that little bit of extra extravagance. However, edible silver sheets can also be used on a multitude of other sweet and savoury dishes. Particularly so within Indian cuisine.

One thing that a lot of people unfamiliar with edible silver leaf sheets wonder though is if genuine silver metal leaf is used. The answer of course is that it is genuine silver. However, pure silver leaf that is not bioactive is the only type of silver that can be safely consumed. This is because any contaminants or silver that is bioactive can potentially be hazardous to your health. The reason for this being that ingesting large quantities of bioactive silver can lead to argyria.

When it comes to our line of products, they are available in booklets of edible silver sheets. These though will be in either interleaf/loose leaf or patent/transfer leaf booklets. At a minimum, our silver can be bought in a booklet of 25. However, larger orders of 100 or 500 sheets are also available.

Edible genuine Silver

Edible Silver Leaf Sheets

When you’re wishing to add an extra layer of edible silver on top of your food, edible sheets are an excellent way to go. The reason for this is that a sheet of silver that can be easily layered atop the food of your choice and simply secured.

As mentioned above, these can be found in either interleaf/loose leaf or patent/transfer leaf booklets. These options each provide their own distinct benefits from each other. More information about this can be found below:

Interleaf/Loose Leaf

Loose leaf edible silver sheets are a format for storing the sheets that is kept in individual tissue paper compartments. The purpose of doing this is to allow the silver leaf sheets to be easily extracted from the booklet and used for food decoration.


When removing it, this can easily be accomplished by extracting it with a gilder’s knife. Alternatively though, it can be accomplished by simply dropping it from the packet. Either way, it will be placed on a gilder’s cushion. After which it can then be laid atop the desired food.

Dimension wise, these types of edible silver leaf will be 4.2/5 x 4.2/5-inch. As mentioned above, these will also come in booklets of 25, 100 or 500.

Transfer/Patent Leaf

Transfer leaf (or patent leaf) as it is also known is another type of format that comes adhered between two tissue paper pages. Additionally, the book itself will be slightly larger than the individual sheets which will allow the edible silver leaf to be shaped with a gilder’s knife before removing it from the booklet.

Alternatively, you can also layer the edible silver sheets atop the food, of course with the gold side touching it. Following this, gently press the edible silver into the dish in question whilst
rubbing the back of the tissue paper gently with a cotton bud. Doing so will apply it in one smooth layer of silver leaf.

In terms of dimensions though transfer/patent edible silver leaf will be 3.3/4 x 3.3/4-inch. Additionally, these will also come in booklets of 25, 100 or 500.

FAQ – Edible Silver Leaf

Is edible silver leaf safe?

Edible silver leaf is safe to eat as it will be incredibly pure silver that is not bioactive. The reason this is important is that bioactive silver can lead to argyria which is a skin discolouration disorder resulting from bioactive silver consumption.

Are silver leaves good for health?

Edible silver leaf will be biologically inert. As such, when ingested, edible silver leaf will not have any taste and be completely unreactive to the body. Due to this, it will not provide you with any effects on your health, whether they be positive or negative.

Are silver flakes edible?

Silver leaf flakes are only edible when it is incredibly pure silver that is not bioactive. This is because ingesting large quantities of bioactive silver can lead to argyria. Argyria is a skin disorder that shows as a blue discolouration.

Is edible silver real silver?

Edible silver will be high purity silver that is not bioactive. As such, this type of silver can be safely consumed in large quantities without leading to negative health consequences such as argyria.