About Barnabas Gold

Barnabas Gold is a producer of different karats and formats of genuine gold leaf. We have been in the gold leaf business for more than 20 years, producing for all major European branded leaves.

Manufacturing a wide range of gold products including Gold Flakes for Drinks, Edible Gold Flakes, Edible Gold Leaf Sheet, Gold Leaf Sheets. Alongside our gold range, we also offer Edible Silver Sheets, Silver Leaf. All genuine gold is categorized, we supply from 18k – 24k standards, check out our categories to suit your needs.

Offering both genuine and imitation products, all genuine silver, and gold products are labeled in titles and product descriptions. Barnabas Blattgold offers the best imitation products including Imitation Silver Leaf, Imitation Gold Leaf, Variegated Gold Leaf.

Barnabas Blattgold sells leaf products in either Loose Leaf or Transfer (patent) formats to suit each individual customer’s needs. Loose Leaf is individually placed leaves inside a booklet, the quantities vary depending on order size our standard sizes are 25, 100, 250, and 500 leaves.

Our transfer (patent) gold & silver leaf are individual gold leaves pressed onto tissue paper, making for easier handling and transfer to a surface. We advise transfer leaf for cutting to particular shapes as this is easier than cutting loose leaf.