Imitation gold leaf can transform and enhance old furniture. Restore old furniture into beautiful new-looking gold treasures at home. Turn old picture frames into glorious gold-lit museum frames. Highlighting the family centerpiece. Imitation Gold leaf gilding can be used both professionally as well as as a hobbyist on all types of items.

Barnabas Gold imitation/composition gold transfer leaf sheets are a mixture of 88% copper and 12% zinc. Approximately 1-micron thick.

Imitation Gold Leaf is made from copper and zinc. It’s frequently known as Dutch Metal leaf and brass leaf. It’s a low-cost alternative to genuine gold.

A multi-purpose gilding leaf, applicable to all kinds of materials like wood, ceramic, glass, metal, paper, fabric, plastic, polyresin, etc. Industrial use for such is in Interior Decoration, Renovation, Picture Framing. For a hobbyist, can be used in gilding vases, and ceramic ornaments, Furniture restoration, Wall motifs, Scribe and Scrolls, Scrapbooking, Cards, Picture framing, Artison handicrafts.

Please note these are imitation Gold leaf, which means they DO NOT contain any Gold. It is also known as composition leaf and Dutch Leafs. They are used as a substitute for GENUINE GOLD leaves. Please note the leaves contain copper and will oxidize when exposed to air, especially in humid and heated places. After application, it is necessary to coat the finished product with a coating to prevent it from oxidizing.