Imitation gold leaf, like imitation silver leaf, is a type of metal leaf made for the purpose of gilding surfaces. As opposed to genuine gold leaf though, imitation gold leaf will instead be made from a brass alloy. This consists of copper, zinc, and brass.

Also known as a Dutch metal or Schlag Metal, this imitation leaf is a great option for gilders wanting to attain some of the lustre of gold. Of course, though, this will be without incurring the expense of real gold leaf. As a result, when wanting to give the glimmer of gold to a surface such as wood, metal, ceramic or anything else some imitation gold leaf can be a great way to do so.

When it comes to our imitation leaf, they will be sold in packs containing 25, 50, 100, 500 or 1000 sheets. Each of these will be sold in interleaf/loose leaf and transfer/patent formats with sheets measuring 14cm 5 1/2″ or 16x16cm.

Imitation Gold Leaf Coverage

Imitation gold leaf coverage will come in multiple different options you can choose from. These will be books filled with pages of either interleaf/loose leaf sheets or transfer/patent sheets. When purchased in this format, a basic book of 25 sheets of either type will be capable of covering approximately five square feet of space.


As a result, to cover a flat surface with imitation gold leaf you will have enough to roughly cover a 20 square feet area with 100 hundred sheets of our leaf. That said though, more sheets will likely be required in order to adequately cover a curved surface.

Interleaf/Loose Leaf

Loose leaf/interleaf imitation gold leaf is a variation that will be packaged within its own tissue paper compartment. This within a booklet of at least 25 sheets. The result is that the leaf is made incredibly easy to remove from the booklet for use in a project.

Thanks to this design method, imitation gold leaf should be simply dropped straight from the booklet onto the gilder’s cushion. However, another method to do so is to gently remove the leaf and place it on the cushion. This of course being to use a gilder’s knife. Following this, using a gilder’s tip, the gold can then subsequently be applied to a surface that has been prepared with an adhesive size.

Transfer/Patent Sheets

Alternatively, though, the other option is to use transfer leaf (or patent sheets as they’re also known). These will be pressed and stuck into the tissue paper within booklets. Additionally, these make for a fantastic option when you’re shaping the leaf itself as. The reason is that the tissue will be slightly larger than the metal leaf. As such it allows you to shape it before removing it from the booklet.

As a result, these shapes can then subsequently be easily extracted and placed onto the prepared surface directly instead of onto a gilder’s cushion. Although, you can still use a cushion with this type if you wish.

To transfer the imitation gold leaf simply rub the back of tissue paper with a cotton ball. As such, when pressed into the surface, the shaped leaf will be transferred.


Is imitation gold leaf any good?

Imitation gold leaf is a type of metal leaf made from a brass alloy consisting of copper, zinc, and brass. In particular, though, this type of leaf is a fantastic option when you are wanting a more affordable gold gilding option. Now, these options can end up becoming tarnished and eroded over time. As such, they are best being used to decorate interiors rather than outside areas. Additionally, you should also coat the imitation leaf in a clear sealant in order to maintain it for as long as possible.

What is imitation gold leaf made of?

Imitation gold leaf is a type of metal sheet used for the purpose of gilding. In particular, it is of course intended to be able to replicate the aesthetic of gold but in a more affordable manner. As such instead of being made with real gold, this type of leaf will be made of a brass alloy consisting of copper, zinc, and brass.

What is imitation gold leaf called?

Imitation gold leaf is a type of metal leaf sheet used for gilding. Often it will be made from a brass alloy consisting of copper, zinc, and brass. As such it is often referred to as Dutch metal or Schlag Metal.

What is the difference between gold leaf and imitation gold leaf?

The difference between gold leaf and imitation gold leaf is quite self-explanatory. Gold leaf or genuine gold leaf as it’s also known will be made using real gold of varying quality levels. Imitation gold leaf on the other hand though is simply metal leaf made from a brass alloy consisting of copper, zinc, and brass also known as Dutch metal or Schlag Metal. The result is a substance that isn’t gold but bears a strong resemblance to it.