Gilding Gold Leaf Adhesive – 60ml Size

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A water-based adhesive designed specifically for gilding leaves on various surfaces.


EASY TO USE - blue tint in adhesive shows where it has been applied. This turns clear as it dries and you are ready to gild (approximately 15 minutes after application)


Stays tacky for approximately 24 hours. 60ml jar covers approximately 12 square feet

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Do you need special glue for gold leaf?

Many people ask "Do you need special glue for gold leaf? The answer is yes,  and that special glue is our gold leaf adhesive perfect for holding any metal leaf sheet to many surfaces.


This gilding adhesive has been designed for the following materials

The metal gilding adhesive can be applied to the following materials

  • Canvas
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Acrylics
  • Leather
  • Oil paintings
  • Jewelry
  • Books

How to apply gold leaf adhesive

  1. Collect a flat 1/2" artist's brush to cover larger areas and a small brush for finer areas to allow for precise application. If you're covering large areas you may wish to use a brush larger than 1/2"
  2. Evenly apply a thin coat of adhesive to the required areas
  3. Allow 1 hour resting time
  4. Proceeded to carefully add the leaf sheet to the area with gilding adhesive and press well until you get your required finish. It may be easier to split the leaves into smaller pieces when applying.
  5. Use a hard bristled brush to sweep off any excess gold leaf


Can gilding adhesive be used as an over-paint?

Yes, our water-based gilding adhesive can be used over paint. For best results, use fine sandpaper, 1200 grit and up, and lightly sand the acrylic surface first to increase adhesion, then apply the gilding size.


Can I use spray adhesive for gold leaf?

Although it may be possible to use a spray adhesive for gold leaf gilding, it isn't advisable. The holding force is much lower and will not hold for long periods of time. This is why we developed our gilding adhesive specifically made for holding various leaf types.


Other terms for Gilding adhesive

  • Gilding paste
  • Metal leaf adhesive
  • Flake adhesive
  • Leaf glue


8 reviews for Gilding Gold Leaf Adhesive - 60ml Size

  1. Paul M.

    Works well and is easy to use.

  2. T.

    Used for applying gold leaf to a picture frame.

  3. Cynthia

    Brush it on, let it clarify then place your leaf on your project!

  4. Pamela Moore

    Served it’s purpose, but not enough for the money. When I ran out my Elmer’s clear glue did the same job at a fraction of the price.

  5. TroyN

    All items meet my needs.

  6. Due diligence

    Used it for gilding silver and gold

  7. Danewfixer

    It’s a somewhat viscous liquid that rather quickly dries to a very sticky, rubbery layer. It reminds me of a very watered-down rubber cement. The solvent in it, though, is very irritating to me. Its reek gives me a headache. As long as I wear a respirator or take frequent breaks, though, I’m fine. Another problem is that it shows brush strokes through the leaf, so if the finish needs to be very smooth, don’t apply it with a brush or anything else that leaves streaks behind. As a leafing size, though, the metal leaf adheres well to it. So, it’s somewhat messy and smelly to work with but effective.

  8. Mary Kaufman

    Came fast and works great!

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