Also called aluminum leaf, imitation silver leaf is a type of thin metal sheet used during the gilding process. As you can imagine, like other types of leaf this will be applied to a gilding surface such as plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, stone, fabric and an assortment of other materials to give the appearance of silver. The results are often incredibly beautiful with the gilded surfaces becoming fantastic works of art.

However, pure aluminum leaf, like copper leaf which is often used as imitation gold leaf will have some different traits of its own. In this case, the most obvious one is the thickness of the aluminum/imitation leaf.

Our imitation silver leaf sheets are sold in packs of 25, 50, 100, 500 or 1000 sheets. Each of these sheets is 14cm 5 1/2″ or 16x16cm and are sold in loose leaf and interleaf formats.

Imitation Silver Leaf Coverage

When it comes to imitation silver leaf coverage there are multiple options you can go for. These are books of loose leaf sheets or transfer/patent sheets. A small pack of 25 sheets of either is able to cover approximately five square feet of space.

As such, if covering a flat surface with imitation leaf, 100 hundred of our sheets will roughly cover a 20 square feet area. However, for a curved surface, more sheets will likely be required.

Interleaf/Loose Leaf

Loose leaves are a type of imitation silver leaf that will be packaged in a booklet between its own tissue paper compartment. These will come in packets of 25 that make it incredibly easy to remove and use.

As such, the imitation leaf can be simply dropped onto the gilder’s cushion, directly from the booklet. Alternatively, though, you can also use a gilder’s knife to gently remove the leaf and place it on the cushion.

Either way, it can then be perfectly suited to subsequently be applied to the prepared surface using a gilder’s tip.

Transfer/Patent Sheets

The other option though is to use transfer leaf (also known as patent sheets). Unlike with loose leaf booklets though, these will be pressed into the tissue paper in booklets that are slightly larger than the sheet itself.

As a result, this option makes for a fantastic option when you’re shaping the leaf itself. Following this, these shapes can be easily extracted and placed onto the prepared surface.
Instead of being able to drop the imitation silver leaf onto the cushion though. Instead, you must rub the back of tissue paper with a cotton ball which will press the shaped leaf onto said surface. As such, this type of aluminum leaf is the better option for outside use.

FAQs – Imitation Silver Leaf

What is imitation Silver leaf made of?

Imitation silver leaf is a type of metal leaf that is intended to replicate the look of genuine silver leaf at a more affordable price. These types of imitation leaf will often be made from pure aluminum as it has a similar look. However, when being used in silver leaf’s stead gilders will likely notice that this aluminum leaf will be noticeably thicker.

Does imitation Silver leaf tarnish?

Unlike imitation gold leaf, copper leaf and even genuine silver leaf, imitation silver leaf made from aluminum will not tarnish. As such, it makes for a great option when wanting to get the look of silver, especially so when doing some outside gilding as unlike real silver the imitation leaf won’t be tarnished or damaged as easily due to not being a soft metal. That said though, in order to make sure things remain clean and last long, applying a clear coat sealer atop the metal leaf will keep it lasting for longer.

How do you use imitation Silver leaf?

Imitation silver leaf is a type of metal leaf that is often made from pure aluminum. As such it will like other types of metal leaf, including imitation gold leaf, genuine gold leaf or genuine silver leaf be used for the practice of gilding. In particular, though, aluminum leaf/imitation silver leaf will be perfect for using on outdoor gilding jobs as it is far less likely to tarnish. This is especially true when compared to genuine silver leaf as real silver can be prone to oxidation when exposed to the elements.

Is Silver leaf real silver?

Silver leaf is a type of thin metal sheet that is used for the task of metal gilding. As such it will provide a great extra bit of aesthetically pleasing shimmer to an assortment of different surfaces. Now, these can come with either genuine or imitation silver leaf that each have their pros and cons. With genuine silver leaf, there is some extra bit of luxury and silver lustre. Meanwhile, imitation silver leaf that is made from pure aluminum is ideal for gilding outdoor surfaces as it won’t tarnish. Additionally, the imitation silver will also be significantly cheaper.