Variegated gold leaf is a type of metal sheet that will be used for decoration. Much like regular genuine gold leaf, imitation gold leaf and edible gold leaf, these will be used to decorate an assortment of different surfaces with the lustre of gold. Some such examples include a wide variety of options such as plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, stone, fabric and an assortment of other materials.

Like these other forms of leaf, the variegated metal leaf will come in sheets that are incredibly thin. In fact, each sheet will be approximately one micron thick. As such, like with the other forms of metal leaf, these will be ideal for covering the aforementioned surfaces.

However, whilst the nature of other types of gold leaf, and indeed, genuine copper leaf, genuine silver leaf, edible silver leaf or imitation silver leaf are self-evident. The same isn’t necessarily true when you are talking about this type of metal leaf.

What Is Variegated Gold Leaf?

Of course, when you are talking about different types of leaf, like those mentioned above, the variegated leaf is something of an outlier. The reason is that its name, unlike copper leaf may not immediately reveal the nature of this metal leaf. However, the word variegated refers to a pattern of different colours or marks. As such, variegated gold leaf as you can likely imagine is something you can likely now imagine. This is a form of gold leaf that is characterised by the composition metal leaf color and pattern varieties.

Whilst, some types of gold leaf do use genuine gold, this is not the case here. The reason for this is the random patterns vary from leaf to leaf with the colorful patterns aren’t possible with real gold. As such, the iridescent quality of variegated leaf can only be found within the composition leaf or Dutch leaf metal. These being imitation gold leaf containing a composition of metals. Each of which will contain copper that has been oxidised by exposure to air in humid or heated areas to create colorful patterns.

Our Types Of Variegated Gold Leaf

With the above in mind, you may be curious about how exactly the process of oxidising variegated leaf will manifest within the Dutch leaf. Most commonly blue and green highlights will be a common sight in these types of leaves. However, other colours can also be manifested when variegated leaf is made. In particular though, our types of variegated gold leaf will include the following options:

  • Green Variegated Leaves: Green variegated leaf are a type of leaf that will most notably have green hues to it. That said though, due to how the process used to make blue variegated leaves is similar, theses types of variegated gold will have some slight blue tones leading to more subdued and mellow shades.
  • Dark Blue Variegated Leaves: Dark blue variegated leaf will have deep blue tones to it. These each being able to richly contrast the yellow gold colour of the variegated gold leaf. That said like with green variegated leaves will have green and purple hues alng with its more predominant color.
  • Light Blue Variegated Leaves: Light blue variegated leaf of this type will have more of a mixture and light blue and green hues to that compliment each other wonderfully. As such, aesthetically, this will almost be something of a halfway point between the two prior options. Although, the ratio will likely be closer to that of blue than of green.
  • Red Variegated Leaves: If green variegated leaf is subdued and mellow in aesthetic, red leaf is more intense and iridescent. Naturally, this type of leaf will have have predominantly red hues to it. However, alongside red hues yellow, orange, blue, green will also be present. As such, this type of leaf varies greatly with the added colors providing a prismic quality to it.

Variegated Gold Leaf Coverage

When it comes to how variegated gold leaf would cover a surface, it is important to know how it is packaged. Along with of course the dimensions of each sheet. In particular, these will be stored in loose leaf formats within booklets of 25 sheets. However, these can be purchased in quantities of 25, 100 or 250 sheets. Each of these sheets would be 5-1/2-inch x 5-1/2-inch in ratio. This meaning that 25 sheets should be able to cover a surface area of around five square feet. However, for a curved surface, more sheets will be needed to cover a similarly sized area.

FAQ – Variegated Gold Leaf

How is variegated gold leaf made?

Variegated gold leaf is a type of imitation gold leaf that is known for the multitude of colours of that they exhibit. This type of variegated gold leaf though will be created via the oxidation of the copper within the imitation gold leaf.


Can you get gold leaf in different colors?

Genuine gold leaf will typically come just in a gold colour. However, variegated gold leaf can be made using imitation gold leaf and oxidisng the copper within it. The result of which can vary with some examples including green, blue, red, purple, orange and yellow.


What is composite gold leaf?

Composite gold leaf is one of the alternate names that will be used for imitation gold leaf. Another of which being dutch leaf. When in leaf format, this composite gold will be around the thickness of a micron and be perfectly suited for the purpose of gilding an assortment of surfaces. Some of which include plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, stone, fabric and an assortment of other materials.


Is gold leaf any good?

Whether you believe gold leaf to be any good is something of a subjective subject. Genuine gold leaf will be more expensive and have that wonderful lustre of gold that won’t tarnish. Meanwhile, imitation gold leaf will typically be cheaper but tarnish over time. Either way, they will be ideal for us for gilding various surfaces. Some of which surfaces include plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, stone, fabric and an assortment of other materials. With that in mind then, whether you believe that gold leaf is any good or worth buying for the purpose of decoration is a purely subjective matter.