Edible Genuine Gold Flakes for Drinks

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Ideal for bar-owners or caterers wanting to offer high end options to discerning customers.


23.75k gold which is 99% pure gold and 1% silver


Tasteless and safe for consumption.

Edible Gold Flakes for Drinks

Gold has always been highly valued and is a sign of class and style, with an elegant and eye-catching look. Adding golden flakes to liquor has been an ever-growing trend, enhancing dinner parties, drinks with friends, and as a romantic gesture of love and affection. Golden flakes can be added to most kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Whether you're looking for a shot with golden flakes or wine, cocktails, vodka, or rum, our gold flakes for drinks are perfect for you.

Each bottle contains approximately 16mg of edible genuine gold leaf.  One bottle of edible gold flakes is enough for one bottle of champagne (75cl) or 6 full flute glasses.

Our edible gold flakes for drinks are genuine 23.75k gold (99% pure gold and 1% silver). It is completely tasteless and safe for consumption making it perfect for dinner parties where you wish to serve Champagne with gold flakes to impress your guests.

How to serve gold flake drinks

There are three main ways to serve gold flakes in drinks, each described below. Using your imagination there is an almost endless amount of methods so please be as creative as possible, we'd love to see how you use the edible gold flakes. The three standard methods are:

  • Free-floating flakes
  • Gold flake ice cubes
  • Gold Flake garnish (perfect for a cocktail)

Free-floating flakes: How to make champagne with gold flakes

The gold flakes come in small bottles. Initially, they are in one or two large pieces. To break them up, you add a little bit of champagne (or whichever beverage/liquor you are planning to add the gold flakes to) to the bottle then shake until the flakes reach the desired size. Some people prefer larger flakes while others prefer smaller ones. It also depends on the drink you are adding the gold flakes to. For example, larger flakes look better with vodka while smaller flakes give a better effect in champagne. There are more detailed instructions enclosed with the packaging although it is just as straightforward as it sounds.

Gold flake ice cubes

For gold flake ice cubes it's best to use water instead of alcohol due to freezing temperatures of water being higher than alcohol. Depending on the alcohol being served,  you can make an ice cube mix of water and alcohol, but you may need to experiment slightly. To make the perfect gold flake ice cubes, take your ice cube tray and half fill each slot with water, then put it in a freezer until frozen. Once frozen, take your bottle with gold leaf inside and follow the attached instructions, swapping the alcohol for water. Once flakes are at the desired size, remove the icecube tray from the freezer and add the flake mixture. Place back in the freezer until ready for serving.

Gold Flake garnish

This is perfect for any cocktail. Mix and serve any cocktail like you usually would, once served add a garnish of gold flakes to give that extra eye-catching appeal. A personal favorite is Old-Fashioned.

Does this work for Jell-o shots?

Yes, we have had customers use this product for Jell-o. However, the leaf needs to be broken down into the desired size first and this is best achieved by adding liquid to the application bottle and shaking it. You could then add the contents of the bottle to the Jell-o mix. You'd need to time it right so that the Jell-o was still thin enough that the gold flakes could be dispersed before it sets.

Is it OK to drink gold flakes?

Gold is chemically inert, which results in the body not breaking the gold down during digestions. As a result, no gold is absorbed into the bloodstream. To be safe, make sure to only buy products labeled as edible gold leaf flakes for drinks.

Can edible gold be used in baths?

This product is designed to be used for gold drinks but there is certainly no reason why it could not be used in a bath. For the best effect, we generally recommend one bottle of edible gold leaf for drinks for each 750ml bottle of the beverage it is being added to. So, for a bath, you would need to use several bottles of edible gold leaf. In this case, you may wish to buy sheets of edible gold leaf.

Some people call this product gold flecks, whatever you call it we hope you, your friends, and colleagues enjoy your drinks with gold flakes.

41 reviews for Edible Genuine Gold Flakes for Drinks

  1. Joy Deardorff

    I got this for my daughter and told her when you want to be Bougee with your friends while having drinks ! She was really happy with it. Tlhougt it was so cool. I don’t know if she used it on New Year’s Eve. I’ll have to ask her. This was a stocking stuffer. And one of those things that you would never think to ask for but live it when you get it!

  2. Kate Watson

    This is the fanciest product for drinks! It has that “wow” factor. Just add a little champagne to the bottle, shake it well, pour it into any drink of your choice (even plain champagne) and you get the most beautiful sparkling cocktail. The gold leaf flakes stay suspended in champagne for quite sometime – mine stayed floating for at least an hour. Love this stuff! One little bottle had enough gold flakes (once you shake it per instructions) to add sparkle to probably 12+ drinks.

  3. Luxury Bartending

    It did what needed to be done

  4. Justme

    Worked well and looked beautiful though a little hard to see in filled champagne glass. Wish I had a better pic – everyone loved the look.

  5. Gayna Jewett

    Everyone loved the gold flakes in their drink. I can’t wait to find an excuse to use them again. Highly recommend for making drinks sparkle at parties.

  6. Caste

    I already ordered more…

  7. Charlene Emory

    We made ice cubes out of these flakes. I do think they’re a little expensive for one use, and I’m a little bummed there was no warning that water isn’t recommended because the flakes just float. It was really cute though!

  8. angel33

    Great ! I just love it! Amazing! ;))

  9. Jo Jo

    Very easy to use gave a uniqueness to my holiday drinks

  10. Jeff Hardy

    Handling gold flake is normally hard. Professional guilders take years to learn how to lift the delicate leaf with feathers. But these bottled versions for beverages are just too darned easy. Well done.

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