Imitation Silver Leaf Booklet 14cm 5 1/2″

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Sheets of Genuine Aluminum Leaf in a pack. 5-1/2-inch x 5-1/2-inch. Japanese Raw Material.


Restore old furniture into beautiful new Porsche looking designer pieces at home.


Turn old picture frames into shinny silver lit museum frames. Highlighting the family center piece.


Gold leaf gilding can be used both professionally as well as a hobbyist on all types of items.


100 sheets covers approx a 20 square foot area. (cover less for carved areas) Ships from USA.

9 reviews for Imitation Silver Leaf Booklet 14cm 5 1/2″

  1. Daniel Henigman

    what i needed not much to say

  2. Paula

    Very shiny. Shinier than silver leaf. Came in a great packaging and was it damaged.

  3. nitnop

    I’ve had both and this imitation looks just like their real silver. I like that the leaf is on carrier sheets that are removable from the booklet.

    Very consistent product. I will be buying more in gold and copper.

  4. BA

    Easy to work with.

  5. Doug Bowker

    No amount of silver paint, even polished with 600 grit wet sandpaper, and with multiple coats can ever give you the truly continuous surface that an ACTUAL continuous metal surface makes, right? In fact that was what led me to getting this, in the first place: I needed a real chrome-plated look on an item I was making, and even the very best silver spray out there just wasn’t cutting it.

    I’ve used real gold and silver leaf before, and was a little hesitant to use “imitation” but this faux silver leafing really came through (and the price of course is great compared to actual silver). One package will likely last a long time unless you are going into production, or planning on a huge surface.

    Do yourself a favor and get a set of various cosmetic makeup brushes to help with application; no need for the super expensive “made for leafing” brushes, trust me. That said, do not cheap out on the sizing- that is a critical component!

    Obviously as with any leaf, it’s ultra thin and needs to have proper sizing on the surface first to work. Probably slightly shinier than real silver, maybe a little “colder” looking, like chrome almost. In my case that was pretty much the look I was going for, so that’s good. I could see in other instances someone not liking that aspect. I guess what I mean is, if you are going for a true sterling silver look, or especially if needs to match something with real silver leafing or plating, you’d be better off getting the actual silver. Durability in leafing is important of course and so far this product does the job. I wouldn’t expect it to hold up to rough handling though, and if possible, a light coat of high gloss clear lacquer would be a good idea for long-term protection.

  6. Peaches

    Nice, Works the same as Mona Lisa. I did a big project, over 100 pieces and mixed the two brands. No difference in either product.

  7. mary s oots

    I am very satisfied with my order of your silver leaf. I will be using it with acrylic paintings.

  8. Miss M Payne

    So pleased with this product. The finish it achieves completes my projects in a way nothing else does.

  9. mark gillis

    Great product and good prices.

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