Imitation Gold Leaf 2.5 16x16cm (Interleaf)

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Sheets of Composition Gold Leaf in a pack. 16x16cm. German Raw material.


Restore old furniture into beautiful new looking gold treasures at home.


Turn old picture frames into glorious gold lit museum frames. Highlighting the family center piece.


Gold leaf gilding can be used both professionally as well as a hobbyist on all types of items.


1000 sheets covers approx 200 sq feet of flat area. (cover less for carved areas) Ships From USA

17 reviews for Imitation Gold Leaf 2.5 16x16cm (Interleaf)

  1. cab

    this product worked well

  2. Roberta Kerr

    Made the art

  3. Sierra Leeling

    This is almost indistinguishable from real gold leaf! Easy to work with and beautiful, perfect for my project!

  4. Mary

    Just what I wanted for my resin pours.

  5. Angel Nichole

    I’m using this gold leaf mostly for Christmas ornaments and other decor. So far it has worked beautifully!

  6. Damián Ruiz

    Realicé varios test para comprobar la autenticidad del producto. Lo recomiendo.

  7. Catrina & Dean Kettler

    First time golf leafing. This imitation leaf is “soft”, pliable, and easy to use. I wanted more variation of gold tones, and copper in my project, so I purchased a variety pack from a different brand. That is how I know how wonderful this brand is! The other brand was “plastic-like”, curled, and crumbled to glitter that tracked into every room of my house.

    This brand of imitation gold (and I also used the imitation silver) leaf acts more like metal than like plastic. The pieces left over do not crumble to glitter, I can control the mess.

    I use cheap paint brush to “sweep up the crumbs” and gather onto paper (I keep scraps in ziplock bag). I use sticky pet roller (big floor kind) with disposable sheets to roll up all the bits that escaped. Make sure no fans are blowing!

  8. Chris Thompson

    Amazing for big projects!

  9. Leelee

    Beautifully perfect gold sheets. Very happy with my purchase and can’t wait to use it. Great packaging too!

  10. Bernardo

    The foil sheets are protected in a nice fold out envelope. Very professional easy to use. I use the gold as part of a painting.

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