23.75K Edible Genuine Gold Leaf (transfer / patent) 80mm 3 1/8″

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Genuine Edible Gold Leaf for cakes, drinks and more. 80mm square leaf (3 1/8 x 3 1/8-inch.)


Chef Gourmet edible gold leaf ideal for cakes, decorating drinks, cocktails, entrees, chocolates, confectionery, sweets, candy confectionery, desserts, pastries, pudding preserves, wedding cakes, and more.


Edible Gold Leaf is classified as Natural Food Additives: Gold being classified as E175

Edible Gold Leaf for Cakes

Using edible gold leaf for cakes is a wonderful way to celebrate any occasion. Whether you are using edible gold leaf sheets or gold leaf flakes for food decoration such as cake decorating, know that using 23.75k pure gold is the ultimate expression of regality and remarkably striking sophistication that can wow even your most distinguished guests.

Gold Leaf Sheets for Cakes

Using gold foil for cakes in the form of gold flakes or gold sheets is an easy way to add glitz and glamor when decorating cakes. A wedding cake, birthday cake, cake for graduation, or just about any special occasion would greatly benefit from having 24k gold pieces used atop it for the purpose of promoting grandeur, sophistication, and style.

Edible Gold Leaf Sheets for Cakes

At this point, you may wonder how exactly to use a gold sheet for cake. While many 24 karat gold leaf projects will require some sort of gilding adhesive to make these thin sheets stick, the truth of the matter is that you'll only want to use water when it comes to getting real gold to adhere.

To do so, be sure to grab a (very) clean and soft brush to apply your water. The width of the brush head will depend on your overall aim of the gold leafing project; you'll want a wider brush head to cover larger surfaces and a thin tip brush for making intricate details.

Dip just the tip of the brush in water and apply to the surface of your cake .You'll then want to immediately (and carefully) pick up your gold leaf sheets and apply them to the cake surface. Remember that gold leaf sheets are delicate, which is the reason why 23.75k gold leaf transfer sheets are perfect for the cake decorating job. Transfer sheets are packed with wax paper, making for easy application. Thus, once you've applied water to the surface of your cake, you can gently touch on your gold sheets while keeping the wax paper intact until you have finished soothing them on your gold sheets.

Best Gold Leaf for Cakes

The best gold leaf for cakes is always going to be the sheets that are genuine and/or of the highest quality. You always want to make sure that you purchase edible gold leaf before eating or placing on cakes. This gives you assurance knowing that the metals you are consuming are indeed pure enough to place on chocolates, cupcakes, cakes, and other desserts. Yes, gold is technically biologically inert, but some types of gold are mixed with other alloys or may become contaminated with metals you don't want in your system.

Remember that you can also buy edible silver or copper leaf as well for dessert, cakes, drinks, chocolate, or other baked goods, all at a great price.

Gold Leaf For Cakes: An Exquisite Touch

Remember that when it comes to cooking and baking with something as delicate as gold leaf, transfer leaf can often be the best option. You'll also want to ensure you pick up the edible version of these sheets for cake decorations and that you avoid decorating cakes with sheets not marked as edible that you may potentially find at your local crafts store.

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20 reviews for 23.75K Edible Genuine Gold Leaf (transfer / patent) 80mm 3 1/8"

  1. Kate Watson

    I absolutely love this stuff! I always keep it in my pantry now to jazz up dessert. I’ve worked with a lot of gold leaf and this is very durable and easy to work with. As you can see, it applied perfectly on chocolate ganache for a gorgeous effect and it’s still beautiful days after applying. Highly recommend Barnabas Goldblatt!

  2. Robert D. Garcia

    I ordered the transfer leaf to cover a steak but it didn’t come out as expected (1st poc). The transfer leaf is for sticky surfaces such as cakes. The loose leaf I was able to apply successfully! The seller was amazing & understood my issue, they sent me the right product for my event. It made such an impression! Very awesome!!

  3. awsome

    Very nice

  4. Marie82

    Used it to decorate my son’s birthday cakes. Super easy to use. Made the cake look cute. No crazy taste. Guests loved it. Would recommend if you’re wanting to save some money.

  5. Pollyrose

    Loved these edible gold leaves, brightened up my cake, good quality, brought out the beauty. Would definitely recommend and will be buying again ??

  6. Kate Duvnjak

    This was my first time using any sort of gold leaf on a cake. I watched some tutorials to help guide me, and I’m really happy with the results! I used a small, damp paintbrush and just dabbed the corner of the gold sheet and it lifted right off the tissue paper. It stuck nicely to the cake and I was able to dab it a bit more to alter the shape and texture. Very happy with how it ended up!

  7. Jennifer bailey

    I thought for the price that the product may be a bit larger but all in all beautiful gold that adds accents to my chocolates, strawberries, and other baking products.

  8. AnnaM

    Good quality golden foil

  9. Anastasia

    Bought this for my sister and she loves it! Her baking page is @sweettingsxash on IG!

  10. Shaun C.

    Very thin but I learned very quickly how to use this product. It is very delicate.

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