23kt Genuine Gold Leaf 80mm 3 1/8″ (transfer / patent)

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25, 100, 250 or 500 Sheets of 23 kt Genuine gold transfer leaf in a pack. 3 1/8 -inch x 3 1/8-inch. 500 sheets covers approx a 32 square foot area. (cover less for curved areas)


Professional Grade Leaf: Each loose sheet of gold leaf is inter-leafed and separated by pages of parchment paper.


Used by Professional Gilders for Frames and Furniture gilding. Antique furniture restoration, art, craft, interior design, lettering; signage, and icons.


Consistent and Simple to apply using a gilding tip, or gilding brush. To get bright burnished effect. Use a agate stone to burnish to a mirror finish.


Each individual leaf is inspected by our Quality Control inspectors before packaging. Ships directly from the USA.

23kt Genuine Gold Leaf supplied in booklets

23KT 80mm Genuine Transfer/Patent Gold LEAVES 25, 100, 250, and 500 sheets 80mm x 80mm 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″ loose leaves packed in interleafing booklets. A sheet of gold is placed between each page of fine lightweight paper for easy handling.

Product Information

23kt Genuine Gold leaf. The gold leaf is beaten mechanically by machines through thousands of repetitions, mauling it to a thin layer of gold.

Other uses of genuine gold leaf

Gold leaf is applied in interior design (decorating walls), exterior renovation such as domes in churches, figurines, furniture restorations, signage, signboards, photo frames, scrapbooking, and other craftwork.

Genuine, not imitation gold leaf

NOTE!! 23kt Gold has 23kt of Genuine Gold in the metal leaf. There are other metal leaves out on the market that are called “Goldleaf” because of their appearance, but they are in fact a copper zinc alloy, and have ZERO gold in them. The industrial term for these leaves is called imitation gold leaf, or composition leaf. These leaves are used for mass production of furniture and frames. However, they will oxidize and change color over time. You can test if they are composition leaf if you spray water or put vinegar on their raw surface (i.e. prior to putting on varnish or coatings).

Larger gold leaf sheets than typical

Please also note that our leaves are industrial class gold sheets. The sizes are almost 4 times as large as other gold leaf sheets you see on the internet (usually their size is 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ but it is claimed to be approximately 2″ x 2″).

20 reviews for 23kt Genuine Gold Leaf 80mm 3 1/8" (transfer / patent)

  1. Linda

    i love this gold leaf- squares were a little smaller than i am used to- my usual are 5×5
    ‘ these are 3×3″, but fine quality. i recommend this seller. came in 3 days.

  2. BookWorm

    Wish they make a bigger size so that my project could be finished quicker. Extremely delicate. Some sheets came slightly damaged already, hence, minus one star. But since I was going for a decayed look, it was OK for my project.

  3. CrossICEpass

    extremely well made and packaged, leaf gold for the professional or hobby level, artist or craftsperson. I look forward to using this on my next wooden carved sign project. Don’t hesitate to invest in this leaf gold for your next project. Turn something average into a treasure

  4. Katy Luther

    Excellent product. Never touch the gold with your fingers. Use the paper backing. Lay the gold side carefully onto the glue that you are using. Leave the paper on for a bit and very gently pat down or roll with a small roller. Then remove the paper carefully. Areas that didn’t take well can be patched with a fresh sheet. Also keep partial sheets to use for patching small rough places. I have found that newly-patched areas adhere to the “bad” areas without re-application of glue. Can’t explain this, but it seems to work well. Don’t cough, sneeze, or breathe hard around this product. It will go everywhere. It can be scary to work with at first, but I found that I got better at it pretty fast, and so will you. Then it’s fun.
    I use it to cover the halos of Orthodox saints on religious icons. I was terrified the first time I used it.

  5. John Barber

    I am somewhat new to gilding and used 23k leaf for nameplates for my paintings. Previously I used a leaf that was in between the leaves of the book and would be removed and placed on the gilding pillow in order to use. For a less than expert gilder, this was somewhat difficult. I ordered Barnabas 23k leaf and found that each gold leaf was laid within the book but also on a slip of tissue that one would easily remove and place on the pillow. This is a much-preferred manner of packing making my work so much easier and more professional! Recently I even gilded mussel shells from my restaurant dinner. In addition, Dave Thompson is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and will work overtime to be of assistance. He made me a much better gilder and provides the best of materials. Best regards, John B. Virginia, USA

  6. Katerine

    Es muy trabajoso, pero da un lindo resultado

  7. Michael Powell

    Good quality. Gold can be very difficult to work with and the application of these leaflets is helpful for detail as opposed to loose leaf sheets. Sometimes the leaf separates like it’s two very thin layers stuck together.

  8. Spok

    This is the real deal. Not imitation Gold! BUT being a Professional Artist and using Goldleaf on Art Gallery paintings for Actual Fine Art Collectors is important….a hobbyist can use imitation goldleaf, which actually works well and is easy to use, but Real Art is Show Biz and wealthy customers expect REALGOLD…..and sometimes I even use real diamonds and real human blood……dilute my watercolors with urine and add feces for effect……or real insects; etc……That’s Multi-Medea……..lstevenspakart.com…..

  9. Tony O

    I was building an electric guitar from a kit and decided rather than the usual sunburst or colored dye, I’d take it to the next level. Always a fan of the original Gibson Les Paul’s, I decided to pay homage to them and build a 23k version of my own.

    Making sure the guitar’s surface was as smooth as possible was the only time consuming part, the gold leafing was pretty straight forward as long as you have a clean, flat surface, good sizing and take your time…it was really a fun project and now after about eight coats of polyurethane, I have an amazing guitar.

  10. R. E.

    I was pleased to be able to obtain this Gold Leaf. It was a good price and sent in a reasonable amount of time. I gave it three stars on ease-of-use. This is not the fault of the product or of the seller. It is because of my lack of knowledge. Gold Leaf is a somewhat difficult material to use properly. Be well educated about it before you use it.

  11. Ron Pleasanton

    Great service and delivery. I run into a sheet or two where I wish it was double thick, but it is a mainstay for my leafing work. The proof is in the pix.

  12. goldfish

    I am a beginner and wanted a song lyric in cursive to be in gold leaf on a wood box to make a statement, as a special gift to a friend. It is giving me a devil of a time, the gold is sticking where I don’t want it, but the edges can be cleaned up with a toothpick. Very tedious. I am using Mona Lisa sizing glue which is made for the purpose. Don’t expect it to easy, but in the end you’ll be able to say “that’s real gold.”

  13. Laura

    Really nice

  14. Damian M.

    If you’ve ever worked with pure gold leaf before you know how difficult it is to not ruin the sheet before you can actually use it.

    This gold is extremely thin. But it’s adhered to the surface of the paper in a way that allows you to handle the paper without destroying the gold.

    Others have complained that it’s held on too strong. I respectfully disagree. It’s about as perfect as possible. If you know what you’re doing it’s by far the easiest gold to transfer from the paper to your work.
    I’ve found that a top quantity genuine hair cosmetic fan brush to be the best way to lift off a section and then lay it on your piece.

    Sometimes I press the sheet directly onto my piece and it lifts off perfectly. If you can’t get it off then either your adhesive is very low quality, or you’re not pressing hard enough. I press and give a gentle rub on the paper backing with my thumb. I rarely if ever get “tags”.

    I’ve used nearly a hundred pieces so far and love working with it.

    It also mixes well with gum Arabic to make gold paint.

  15. Norman

    The leaf arrived quickly. I have not used it yet but is what I wanted

  16. William H. Stoneman

    Wonderful to work with but….BOY….it is really expensive. Cost me $75.00 to complete two small sconces. I would save this for VERY important projects.

  17. liz

    Didn’t tarnish, easy to apply, very good quality and color

  18. Arlene

    Good quality gold leaf sheets! Great delivery!

  19. Jeyakumar N.Rajaratnam

    Great product reasonably priced

  20. 1000joysoflife

    Arrived so quickly and it is easy to use. I love my final result.

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