Imitation Gold Leaf Booklet 14cm 5 1/2″

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Sheets of Composition Gold Leaf in a pack. 5-1/2-inch x 5-1/2-inch. German Raw material.


Restore old furniture into beautiful new looking gold treasures at home.


Turn old picture frames into glorious gold lit museum frames, highlighting the family center piece.


Gold leaf gilding can be used both professionally as well as a hobbyist on all types of items.


500 sheets covers approx a 100 square foot area. (cover less for carved areas) Ships From USA.

9 reviews for Imitation Gold Leaf Booklet 14cm 5 1/2″

  1. Boss Lady

    I was looking for a way to apply gold leaf to a canvas printed image I’d created for our new bedroom. In the end I did 5 large canvases like the one pictured, with perhaps 5 square inches of gold on each one, and didn’t come near to using all or even most of this booklet. The gold is beautiful and bright, which I was concerned about given that it is “imitation” leaf. This product gives it exactly the shine and interest I was hoping for!

  2. Linda

    i would recommend this product and seller

  3. Droozy Button

    This is being used in a painting and it performs just the way I anticipated it would. Packaging is fine, delivery was on time. I can recommend this product not only for paintings but for other craft products as well.

  4. cWallin

    I will order the Barnabas gold leaf again. I received my order promptly. The project turned out beautifully!

    I was delighted to rebuild a Louis XVI setee and 2 chairs from pretty pieces to a stunning gilded set of furniture to grace a gorgeous home. Thanks!

  5. Kailani

    Decent imitation gold leaf. Fair price. Packaged nicely. Arrived promptly.

  6. nervous nelly

    Great. Very happy. I see no reason to pay more.

  7. Mom the artist Brown

    Purchased hoping to use for a wedding globe and it worked beautifully. Easy application with the recommended adhesive, bright, great colour, client was very pleased. I used over a brushed stainless steel base/legs & heavy cardboard commercial globe. I will definitely purchase again when needed without hesitation.

  8. patianel

    I used this to make decals for my Singer sewing machine. The gold is easy to handle and superb value for money. I tried to use real gold leaf but had much better results using this product. The colour is nearer the actual gold used in 1930 when my machine was made than the real thing. The best part about it is I have loads over for other projects.

  9. Carole

    I used this leaf in injunction with another brand to create a contrasting aura or halo on my most recent icon. The results were stunning and this was the leaf that I used for the interior of the halo. Just absolutely beautiful leaf. Personally, I see no reason to cough up the money for 22 carat when this leaf is around. Thank you Barnabas Blattgold or such a beautiful product.

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