Genuine Silver Leaf 95mm 3 3/4″ Booklet (transfer / patent)

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Sheets of Genuine silver transfer transfer leaf in a pack.3 3/4 x 3 3/4-inch.


Restore old furniture into beautiful new Porsche looking designer pieces at home.


Turn old picture frames into shinny silver lit museum frames. Highlighting the family center piece.


Each Leaf is tacked onto a Transfer paper, handle able by hand. Suitable for flat surfaces.


Professional Grade Leaf: 25 sheets covers approx a 2.2 square foot area. (cover less for carved areas)

Genuine Silver Leaf supplied in booklets

Genuine Transfer/Patent Silver LEAVES 25, 100, 250, and 500 sheets 95mm x 95mm 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ loose leaves packed in interleafing booklets. A sheet of silver is placed between each page of fine lightweight paper for easy handling.

Product Information

Genuine Silver leaf. The silver leaf is beaten mechanically by machines through thousands of repetitions, mauling it to a thin layer of gold.

Other uses of genuine silver leaf

Silver leaf is applied in interior design (decorating walls), exterior renovation such as domes in churches, figurines, furniture restorations, signage, signboards, photo frames, mirrors, scrapbooking, and other craftwork.

Genuine, not imitation silver leaf

Genuine Silver Metal Leaf is made with 100% pure silver. There are other metal leaves out on the market that are called “silverleaf” because of their appearance, but they are in fact aluminum, and have ZERO silver in them. The industrial term for these leaves is called imitation silver leaf. These leaves are used for mass production of furniture and frames. The aluminum leaf has less luster, and has a “whiter” metallic look than the genuine silver—genuine silver has a warmer color tone.

Please note that genuine silver will change color over time. So if one is to use this product, it is necessary to varnish with a protective coating. Artists sometimes prefer the oxidized effects of the leaf and use it as part of its design.

Larger silver leaf sheets than typical

Please also note that our leaves are industrial class silver sheets. The sizes are almost 4 times as large as other leaf sheets you see on the internet (usually their size is 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ but it is claimed to be approximately 2″ x 2″).

13 reviews for Genuine Silver Leaf 95mm 3 3/4″ Booklet (transfer / patent)

  1. Rebecca

    This is just what I wanted. I do cold and warm work with glass. It’s great for this. Great service. They included links for help with their products.

  2. Captains2012

    Best leaf on the market

  3. Cassandra Strand

    If you are trying to make silver pigment (with gold it would be called shell gold… would this be called shell silver?) for use in illumination or tezhip this is an excellent quality sheet for hand grinding your pigment. It breaks apart beautifully into fine granules in whatever mucilage you choose to use.

  4. Ronda W.

    I used the Genuine Silver Leaf Sheets to decorate a mirror frame. I purchased these primarily because they were listed as loose sheets and then for the cost. I needed just a couple more sheets to finish my project so I picked up a single pack of Martha Stewart brand at my local craft store. What a difference. Because my frame was highly detailed I preferred using the loose sheets so as to push the silver deep into the nooks and crannies. The Martha Stewart brand sheets have the silver leaf adhered to paper and must be firmly rubbed off to transfer the silver leaf. Needless to say unless your project is completely flat and smooth there is a lot of waste. Worth every penny ! And the results are a very shiny silver.

  5. Derrick C.

    Really nice for my project.

  6. Margret Kruppa

    TOP Qualität

  7. Gail A. Kellogg

    OK, so… the product itself is lovely. Packaging good, the patent is easy to work with, metal has a consistent thickness. All good there.
    This stuff was a nightmare to get on the vellum. I tried gilder’s garlic, fish glue, Pink Stuff, Instacol (sp?), and Speedball Mona Lisa adhesive. It did NOT want to stick. Once the proper blood sacrifices and curse-laden incantations were made to the Gilding Fairies, I got it to stick with fish glue it was fine. Seal it or it will tarnish in a few months. It tends to be brittle, so be careful not to use it on something that will do a lot of bending. Should be great for framed artwork or picture frames.

  8. Jana Adams

    Came well-packaged. I used it for cake & cookie decorating.

  9. Scott A. Jones

    After completely redecorating our dining room our lard brown wood mirror was totally out of place with the silvers and blues of the new French style. Still it was a large and expendive to replace. So she used the silver leaf. It took about 6 hours but came out great!

    Next project is to add some highlights to the columns and ceiling medallion.
    Remember to buy the adhesive for leafing. Beautiful stuff if you’ve never used it!

  10. Mario. H.

    … und das Transfermaterial lässt sich zusammen mit dem Blattsilber auch sehr gut zuschneiden, was Material spart und beim Applizieren hilft.

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