Genuine COPPER Leaf Booklet 14cm 5 1/2″ (Transfer Leaf)

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Genuine Copper Transfer Leaf - size: 5-1/2-inch x 5-1/2-inch (14cm)


Restore old furniture into beautiful new looking gold treasures at home.


Turn old picture frames into glorious gold lit museum frames. Highlighting the family centre piece.

Genuine Copper Leaf

Just like that genuine silver leaf, genuine gold leaf or any type of metal leaf, the copper leaf is a type of metal leaf. Commonly this will be used for the specific purpose of gilding surfaces. Unlike with gold and silver leaf though, you will typically not find imitation copper leaf. Instead, you will likely only find a genuine copper leaf. In fact, metal leaf alloys which include copper will often be used in the creation of imitation gold leaf.

With this in mind then, the genuine copper leaf will be perfect to use for the task of applying the distinct sheen of copper to an assortment of different surfaces. Included within this assortment of different materials though. Some of which include plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, stone and fabric along with a wide array of other options. The result of this is that the surfaces that you choose to gild will end up looking incredibly beautiful. Often to the point where a gilded surface can be considered a fantastic work of art.

Copper Leaf Coverage

When it comes to our copper leaf in particular it is available for purchase in 16cm or 14cm square sheet dimensions. These each being able to be used for covering a surface of a roughly three square foot area. However, this may will likely not apply when you are planning on covering a curved surface. As such, for such surfaces, it is important to remember that you will require a larger amount of copper leaf.

When purchasing genuine copper leaf, it can be found in two distinct formats of metal leaf. These different types of copper leaf are either loose leaf/interleaf sheets or transfer/patent sheets. Both of which will come in booklets of twenty five genuine copper leaf sheets

Copper Loose Leaf/Interleaf Sheets

Loose/interleaf copper leaf is a variant of a genuine copper leaf that is found packaged in booklets. Each of which will contain twenty-five separate genuine copper leaf sheets. Within which, each contained sheet will have its own tissue paper compartment. The result of this is that this type of copper leaf will be incredibly easy to remove from the booklets. Thereby making this type convenient for smaller work.

Copperleaf as a result of this can easily be dropped directly onto your gilder’s cushion from the booklet. Alternatively, another option is for you to use your gilder’s knife. Doing so will allow you to gently remove the copper leaf and place it onto your gilder’s cushion.

Either option is great. Really using either method of removing these types of sheets is effective. This being because the leaf will always be perfectly suited to subsequently being applied to the prepared surface using a gilder’s tip.

Copper Transfer/Patent Sheets

Another option when gilding copper leaf though is to use patent sheets, or transfer leaf sheets as they’re also called. These transfer/patent leaf booklets though, work by having them be pressed into tissue paper. Each of which will be found within slightly larger booklets than the sheets themselves.

As a result, these types of copper sheets are a fantastic option for when a gilder is intending on shaping the leaf itself into a particular image. This is because these shapes can be shaped whilst the copper remains on the paper. Following this, these shapes can then easily be extracted and placed onto a prepared surface.

Removing theses types of copper leaf will be done slightly differently though. This is because you wont be able to just simply drop the copper leaf onto your gilder’s cushion. Instead, you must first gently rub the back of tissue paper to loosen it. Ideally with something like with a cotton ball. Subsequently, the the leaf can then be removed or simply pressed onto a a prepared surface. As such, this type of copper leaf will often be the better option of the two for more public spaces. Such as when gilding an outside surface.

FAQ – Genuine Copper Leaf

What is copper leaf used for?

Copper leaf is is a type of metal leaf that is used for adhering a thin layer of copper to a surface. This is typically done for the purposes of decoration with copper bring a brilliant extra bit of lustre to the aesthetic of a surface. In particular, some of the surfaces which genuine copper leaf can be applied to plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, stone and fabric along with a wide array of other options.

Do you need to seal copper leaf?

Over time, copper leaf will become tarnished and as such, the finished look of your gilded area will become less aesthetically pleasing the longer it is left. As such, when you are using genuine copper leaf to decorate a surface or object it is highly recommended that you seal it. This being especially true when you a planning to gild an exterior surface with some genuine copper leaf as exposure to the elements will cause the copper leaf to become tarnished much more rapidly. As such, when you are planning to gild a surface with some genuine copper leaf you should always seal it with a sealant or top coat such as acrylic sealant. Not only will this help to protect against tarnishing but also help with the general durability of the copper leaf.

What are copper leaves?

Copper leafing or copper leaf are simply incredibly thin sheets of copper which are used for the purposes of gilding a variety of different surfaces such as plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper, stone and fabric along with a wide array of other options.. Genuine copper leaf is a truly ideal option when you want to apply the sheen of some copper to one of the aforementioned surfaces or another of your choice. As a result of this, the surface you choose to gild with your copper leaf will end up looking incredibly beautiful as the gilded surfaces themselves become fantastic works of art.

Is copper leaf toxic?

Copper forms part of a large portion of the proteins that are present within the human body. That said though, over exposure to copper is incredibly toxic for the body and can even be fatal. Some symptoms associated with the consumption of copper include anaemia, metallic taste in your mouth, diarrhoea that may be bloody or slightly blue, chills or fever, inability to urinate, abdominal pain or burning and jaundice symptoms in the form of yellowing skin or eyes. As such, you should not consume copper leaf like you would edible metal leaf products such as edible gold leaf.

8 reviews for Genuine COPPER Leaf Booklet 14cm 5 1/2″ (Transfer Leaf)

  1. Ryan S.

    Buy the stuff with the paper backer. I’m glad I did. Made a great reflector for my project

  2. Garry F. Mohr

    good quality leafing, arrived in good time and was a good price

  3. steve stonehouse

    All good

  4. C. Vaughn

    I loved working with this copper foil.

  5. Chelsey

    So thin it’ll blow away if you’re not watching where you’re pointing your nose when you breathe. Looks amazing. Easy to work with because of how thin it is. I’ve worked with cheap leaf that ended up varying in thickness from thinner than tissue to thick as foil. I’ve found a brand that makes quality leaf and I’m going to stick to it. Thanks BB 🙂

  6. seansnow

    Very nice quality

  7. Dman3d

    Good stuff, pure copper. Used it over a pickguard and did a forced patina with ammonia, salt and baking soda.

  8. Hogbender

    I spent a lot of time carving this wooden nickle. This was my first attempt at gilding. I am very happy with the results. It does require patience.

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