Edible Genuine Gold Flakes 23.75K 150mg

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23.75 karat edible gold flakes


Precious Edible Genuine Gold Leaf Flakes in an easy to open Jar.


Use the edible gold flake to decorate drinks, cocktails, entrees, chocolate, confection, sweets, candy confectionery, dessert, pastries, pudding preserves, wedding cakes, and more.


Great item for the Gourmet chefs and bakers, to entertain special guests.


A must-have for home Gourmet cooking.




BAMBOO TWEEZERS included for easy handling of the edible gourmet gold flakes


Edible Gold is classified in Europe as a Natural Food Additive (E175)

Edible Gold Flakes

Just like with edible gold leaf, edible gold leaf flakes are a type of gold. These will be used within a culinary context. These are used for food decoration with the shining lustre of real gold whilst still being suitable for oral consumption. However, instead of being a thin sheet of gold covering a whole surface, these will be small pieces. Often they will then often be sprinkled atop a piece of food in a more scattered area.
The beauty of this form of decoration is that the gold flakes will work perfectly well as a garnish to decorate both savoury dishes and desserts. Most commonly food such as cupcakea or a wedding cake, along with chocolates are a popular option. As are alcoholic cocktails. Additionally, many people will also use them to decorate glasses and crockery for a particularly extravagant meal.
Whether gold flakes can be considered worth buying is something of a subjective viewpoint. These will be small quantities of genuine and very pure gold flakes that will be used primarily for decoration. As such, if you value such things they will definitely be worth purchasing as nothing provides the same lustre as genuine highly pure gold.

Information About Edible Gold Flakes

When it comes to determining whether some gold flake or gold leaf is edible, the primary way of doing so is to determine the purity quality of the gold. This is because gold that is of a high purity of at least 22 karat will be perfectly safe to consume. The reason for this being that pure gold is biologically innert. This means that the gold will not react inside your body and simply harmlessly pass through your digestive system. Therefore, they also pure gold doesn't have any taste but does have a notably crunchy texture. However, less pure examples of gold will not necessarily be safe as the impurities within such gold such as zinc copper, iron or silver can be toxic in higher quantities (although edible silver does also exist).
Our edible gold flake selection, just like that of our edible gold sheets will come in purity of 23.75 karats. This edible gold being being comprised of 99% gold and 1% silver. Each of our products will come in a jar or container with there being two distinct types. One of which is intended for general use as a garnish whilst the the other is used for drinks.

How To Use Edible Gold Flakes?

When it comes to using edible gold flakes, the process is incredibly simple. Doing so, simply involves sprinkling some of the gold flakes over the desired dish or carefully place them in a more precise way if desired. That said though, you should refrain from doing so with your hands and instead use some sort of brush and an anti-static tweezers such as those made from bamboo or carefully coated steel tweezers.
The reason for this is that the gold flakes themselves are very thin and delicate. As such you should avoid handling them with your fingers and bare skin or exposing them to steam or humidity.

FAQ - Edible Gold Flakes

What is edible gold flakes made of?

Edible gold flakes are are small fragments of genuine gold that is of an incredibly pure quality. In particular, they will have a bare minimum purity of 22 karats. Our edible flakes though will be 23.75 karats in purity.

Are edible gold flakes real gold?

Edible gold flakes will typically be made from fragments of genuine gold of an incredibly pure quality. These being of at least 22 karats, however, our edible gold flakes come in 23.75 karat purity.

Are gold flakes safe to eat?

Edible gold flakes that are made from a purity of 22 karats or more will be safe for human consumption. However, it is recommended to only do so with gold that is specifically intended for human consumption in order to be completely safe.

Are gold flakes worth buying?

Whether gold flakes can be considered worth buying is something of a subjective viewpoint. These will be small quantities of genuine and very pure gold flakes that will be used primarily for decoration. As such, if you value such things they will definitely be worth purchasing as nothing provides the same lustre as genuine highly pure gold.

61 reviews for Edible Genuine Gold Flakes 23.75K 150mg

  1. SiaSynn

    Super high-quality and beautiful packaging. Thank you

  2. Samantha D.

    Thought there’d be a little more gold in there but overall great quality I’d purchase again…

  3. Jayme A. Brymn

    I seriously love this stuff! It has taken my desserts to another level! It looks beautiful! The gold comes with wooden tweezers to help you apply the gold to your desserts! I definitely will be buying more of this whenever my current container runs out. Just be careful not to be anywhere with a breeze when using it, it will blow around everywhere!

  4. Lisa

    I bought this to give my cupcakes more of a sophisticated appearance. The gold flakes were a hit with my party guests. For me who bakes for fun, I would recommend this product.

  5. Owbee Kue

    it does not look alot in the container and if youre a heavy breather, wear a mask because these little treasures are so lightweight!

  6. K.

    Excellent quality gold. Tricky to work with–give yourself some time to practice. The flakes are quite large and very staticky. The two sets of tweezers included were enormously helpful.

  7. Gladys Cooper


  8. Blew skeyes

    My first time using real gold leaf or leafing of any kind. I loved this product and it had big flakes to work with. People should take head as to what they use to stick it on with and seal it. I found modgepodge worked well while wet to put this on bc there’s one they sell at hobby lobby and it just stayed tacky forever and the leafing came off even when sealed so that method just isn’t for me. Modgepodge while wet out this on and then let dry about 30 min then add the leafing sealer that hobby lobby sells it’s like a gloss finish . Not everything works for everyone just wanted to share what works for me.

    These flakes are dainty and lovely and a little adds a super lovely aura and whimsical touch to anything . I really enjoyed working with it. Oh and be careful to not work under a fan with it ! I really take care of it and save every bit. I was so happy it came with wooden tweezers not static problem. Great experience and came extremely fast with no issues at all. Thank you so so much for a lovely product . (I couldn’t find it anywhere where I lived!) highly recommend !! Can’t say it enough 🙂

  9. K. Thompson

    Very attractive packaging, good product, I prefer the gold wrappers.

  10. Richard C Crum

    An addition to home made Italian Anesette for a wedding. It is AWESOME!

  11. m2185

    The flaked gold worked better for my dessert. I saved my sheets for another use. These were easy – I just grabbed pieces with my tweezers and the end result looked beautiful.

  12. Shenowa

    I liked that the company included the wooden tweezers to pick up each flake to set on the cupcake. This made it easier.

  13. NC Gardener

    I’m very happy with gold leaf flakes. It’s just as advertised and is quality flakes. Recommend!

  14. Indian in Delaware

    I use gold flakes for garnishing desserts on special occasions. These gold flakes are the largest I have ever purchased. They make any dessert recipient feel extra special.

  15. Rebeeca Ortega

    Did great on the presentation use tongs so separate not fingers.. will make it much easier!

  16. Rae

    Works great for my needs. I stir the gold flakes into epoxy resin to make my multi gemstone pendants sparkle.

  17. PoshDesignsbyK

    Kind of nervous at first it seemed like a small amount in the container but it worked out nicely on my cake.

  18. Erb

    I used the flakes for a little bling on the cake. Theme was pink and gold, so this was perfect. Not the easiest thing, but I followed suggestions in the reviews, and it was fine. I used the wooden tongs, and a small brush. Once I got them placed on the cake, I wash and dried my hands really well, and very, very gently used the heat of my fingers to smooth the pieces down really well. I have ever tried the sheets before, because truthfully, it seemed a bit intimidating. But I might have to give them a try, the next time someone requests gold or silver. Extremely pretty.

  19. Dana R. Stewart

    This was added to my cheesecakes and my cupcakes. It made the presentation look so beautiful.

  20. K.Turner

    Very nice product, Just not enough of it. First time buying edible gold so idk if this is just what you get for the money…but definitely not enough for 2 dozen cupcakes..Maybe 1 Dozen used sparingly. Purchased larger size loose gold.

  21. DEBRA M.


  22. SamFromTX

    Obviously, they are tasteless and are meant as a decoration for foods. You can pu on dessert, chocolate ice cream, foie gras, whatever you want. You have to be careful and never handle them by hand, just the tweezers. Very thin and if handled by hand, will sic to fingers and get messed up. Will buy again.

  23. Michelle Anderson

    This was the first time I’ve ever used this product. I’m not a professional baker at all but this product helped my cake look great. My only complaint is the price especially how little there was in the container.

  24. F.Y.H

    It was not a full jar… it wasn’t packed like you’d expect a jar of sprinkles to be packed, but there were a lot of similar reviews addressing this. Don’t know if this is normal or not as this is the first time I’ve ever purchased gold leaf flakes. It was very beautiful though. I was decorating chocolate covered treats (I decorated about 4 dozen Oreos and still have more than half left) and I recommend using the tweezers and applying onto a wet/semi dry surface. If it’s dry it won’t really stick. It’s also very thin, but surprisingly it takes a lot of effort to tear into smaller pieces.

  25. John C.

    I actually put this in a hole in my wood slab dining room table project. I poured clear expoxy on top to seal it in.

  26. FB

    Nice product! Would order again

  27. W. Randall

    Guilding project completed with this product.

  28. Dixie

    Not much I’m bottle and I bought the bigger size.. would buy gold leaflets next time..

  29. Nez

    Wekl worth the money.

  30. WayEnough

    Wonderful! Fun to use and the two wooden tweezers were indispensable and necessary! Be sure to read the descriptions and be cautious when opening: The slightest breeze will carry these away..

  31. Pamela

    Great customer service!

  32. Av2b

    The best 24k gold Lead product

  33. michael

    i actually use their gold as a supplement and its some grade a s***

  34. Massimo Giacchetti

    Prodotto ottimo , l’unica cosa un po’ scarso di quantità ma visto il prezzo vantaggioso ci sta !!

  35. Tam Stone

    Not enough product to do much with

  36. Massimo Giacchetti

    Great product, the only thing a bit scarce in quantity but given the low price is there!!
    Thank you

  37. Desmond

    Great product

  38. Paul


  39. Dot Jones

    The edible gold flakes were a beautiful addition for a Wedding.
    Price was great and delivery very good
    Thank you

  40. Cheyenne Loya

    Second purchase. I use these on my cakes and they look beautiful.

  41. aysha

    It is clearly written 150mg=0.15g
    I don’t understand, why people are expecting full jar if clearly was said 150mg
    I’m a very happy with the product!!!!

  42. Tony Suszczynski

    What a great way to add some excitement to a homemade dessert. I recently had a friend over to celebtate a birthday and since we couldn’t celebrate in 2020 due to Covid, I wanted to make this year a bit more memorable. Adding gold leaf to a homemade flourless chocolate torte was just the ticket. The added smile was worth every penny. Life is short. Go for the bling.

  43. ted

    I loved the edible gold leaf. It made my dark chocolate cake so specially. Thank you for including the tongs. The product is very fragile and delicate to work with. Your tongs made it easier to handle.

  44. Carla G

    Be very careful when opening! If you just breathe a lil too hard it’ll fly all over the place. You have to be super gentle with it because it tears easily. Really beautiful and easy to use.

  45. marisol beltran

    Love the way it looked on the cocktails I made

  46. keila

    Love the way it looked on the cocktails I made

  47. Skiman

    I used this as a decoration on some vanilla caramel Cronuts from Dominique Ansel’s The Secret Recipes. Looks beautiful, no taste.
    Impress your friends and buy some gold to throw on some food. It looks cool and bougie

  48. An Engineer

    The listing specifically said 30mg, so I’m not sure why people are complaining it’s much smaller than expected. It’s important to note that this is ~24k gold that’s intended to be used for culinary purposes. Pure gold is chemically inert and nontoxic, which makes it safe to consume. It’s going to be fairly expensive to use this for arts and crafts.

    It is fairly expensive though considering 30mg of 24k gold is truly just $2 at market price… but given processing costs for the flakes and the quality (look how big the flakes are! I was so scared it would come in as confetti), this isn’t completely unreasonable.

  49. Reserved

    Delivered on time and as promised. Great vendor and good product. Will definitely go back for more. All my friends enjoyed it.

  50. P

    Fair amount of product, pretty easy to use, definitely steps things up a level….

  51. joshua

    I mean it looks real… Super soft and doesn’t smell so thats a good thing, i have 4 stars because of the amount it came with, i understand gold is valuable but maybe give a little bit more

  52. barbara williams

    Easy to use, good quality.

  53. Sarah Gunderson

    Tweezers were very helpful in separating the gold leaf, product was very nice once applied.

  54. Patty

    It comes with wood tongs to easily place the gold Leaf on the cake. I really like this product.

  55. Teresa

    Easy to use, came with wooden tweezers/tongs. Good item.

  56. Happylif

    We added this to some of our spirits and it was beautiful. Very little product created big impact

  57. schmidtw

    Gold flakes exactly as described. No taste, just a nice elegant touch.
    The included bamboo tweezers make using it easy, too.

  58. NordicLady

    I use this gold on my macarons and wedding cakes – quality is great and color is gorgeous! I love that they included wooden tweezers that they don’t stick to. Will buy again!

  59. Jo M.

    Excellent and easier to use than sheets.

  60. Anna Kate

    Adds a lot to presentation, and I mean.. who doesn’t like to impress with a little gold?

  61. Gleudis Rosario

    Estoy encantada

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