When it comes to silver leaf, you may wonder if silver leaf is real silver. The answer? It depends! When it comes to purity, what you get will depend on the seller, the region in which you bought it, and also the seller’s claims.

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Is Silver Leaf Real Silver Or Fake Silver?

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How Much Silver Is in the Silver Leaf?

As mentioned, how much silver is in gold leaf will depend on a number of factors.

Sellers offer a mixed variety of silver loose leaf including genuine silver loose and transfer leaf along with imitation silver leaf, which provides a cheaper option. Either can be used for a variety of purposes, including upgrades to picture frames, furniture, and the like.

Just know that both tend to tarnish, so, unlike genuine gold leaf, it is important to seal your silver foil after laying it to preserve its physical appearance.

What Is the Difference Between Silver Leaf and Imitation Silver Leaf?

There are several important differences between genuine silver leaf and imitation silver leaf varieties. These differences are important to note, as they may affect the performance of usability of your silver leaf sheet. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Silver Leaf Made of?

Genuine silver leaf will be made of 100% pure genuine silver leaf. It comes in both loose and transfer leaf forms. Though silver leaf is indeed genuine, it still has the ability to tarnish, despite its purity. Because of this you’ll need to seal your silver leaf after application to ensure that it lasts as long as you indent it to.

Another aspect of pure silver you’ll want to note is the price. Because genuine silver is a precious metal, it will cost more than imitation silver will. Still, because silver lead is beaten so thin, the prices may still seem quite affordable, especially when compared to other silver items, such as pure silver jewelry.

Can I Eat Genuine Silver Leaf?

Though genuine silver leaf is pure, you won’t want to eat any type that you come by. Silver leaf sold from certain vendors has been shown to be low quality and have an unhealthy amount of aluminum hidden inside which could prove to have negative effects on your health.

Because of this, it is imperative that you know and trust your seller. You’ll also want to ensure that the silver leaf you are buying is labeled as “edible” for even more assurance.

What Is Imitation Silver Leaf Made of?

Imitation silver leaf is made of aluminum in most cases. And though this isn’t pure silver, it looks and functions just the same. These are sold in transfer leaf types and loose leaf types, often in booklet form. These metal leaves are much cheaper than genuine silver adding to its appeal.

Imitation leaf may be eaten, but again, you’ll want to check that it’s labeled as edible in the first place. And even if the imitation leaf is edible, be sure that you know and trust your vendor. This will ensure you aren’t consuming too much aluminum which may render harmful effects on your body.

What Can You Do With Silver Leaf?

Whether you are using real genuine silver leaf or the imitation variety, rest assured that there are a variety of things you can do with both.

  1. The first and most common way people use silver leaf is for decorative purposes. It can be applied to nearly any surface using gilding adhesive, including ceilings, walls and furniture. This allows you to upgrade picture frames, old hardware, lamps, and other items that might need a bit of sprucing up.
  2. Another way to use silver leaf color is in art. Much like genuine gold leaf, silver leaf also makes a beautiful addition to artwork of all types, from canvas work to 3D sculpture artwork.
  3. Additionally, you can use genuine silver that is edible to decorate a cake. Suitable silver leaf types of decorated cakes and other desserts are those bought from a reputable seller and those that (usually) do not come from your local craft store. You’ll want to apply your imitation silver or genuine silver leaf to cakes, cupcakes, and other edibles using only water, as gilding size would be an inappropriate choice for consumption.

Is Silver Leaf Real Silver? Maybe … Maybe Not

Silver leaf comes in a variety of types, from genuine silver leaf to imitation silver leaf. The quality of your silver leaf is often determined by the seller.

Be sure that if you consume silver leaf that it comes from a trusted source and that the leaf is labeled as “edible”. 


How much real silver is in liquid silver leaf?

It can be hard to tell how much silver is in liquid silver, if any at all. Consult the brand’s ingredients list to know for sure what components make up the liquid silver you buy. 

How can I tell if silver is fake?

It can be hard to tell how much silver is in liquid silver, if any at all. Consult the brand’s ingredients list to know for sure what components make up the liquid silver you buy. 

Is silver leaf safe to eat?

It can be. But you’ll want to steer clear of eating it in very large amounts. As always, check the label to ensure that your silver leaf is indeed edible. We don’t recommend eating aluminum leaf which is also often sold under the name “imitation silver”. 

Where can I buy silver leaf? 

Silver leaf can be purchased online via a trusted merchant. You may also find silver leaf sold in craft stores in some instances. 

How should I use silver leaf?

Silver leaf can be used to add silver color to furniture, surfaces, and even cupcakes. Use edible silver leaf for food purposes and regular silver leaf for decor. Be sure to seal decorative silver leaf, as this will help keep it from tarnishing. 

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