If you are wondering, “Is gold leaf vegan?” chances are that you live a vegan lifestyle (or know someone who does) and want to ensure that the gold leaf you are using fits the standard for vegan living. In this post, we will break down whether or not gold leaf sheets should be considered vegan and where you might be able to find vegan gold leaf for your wedding cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, or other types of food.

Is Gold Leaf Vegan?

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Is Edible Gold Leaf Vegan?

Edible gold leaf may be vegan, but it actually depends on the manufacturer.

Truth be told, gold leaf itself is vegan in that it’s generally either made of pure gold or with a metal leaf alloy. And thus, contains no trace of animal products. Despite this fact, you should know that although gold leaf doesn’t technically contain animal products, it may sometimes still come into contact with them.

So, which is which?

Unfortunately, unless a company comes out and explicitly says whether or not their gold leaf is vegan, you won’t really know. Some companies may spell out their production process by which you may be able to decipher whether or not animal products were involved. If there is no note from the company signifying their vegan or non-vegan status, you may wish to steer clear until more information is divulged.

Is Gold Leaf Vegan?

What Are Gold Leaf Sheets Made of?

Gold leaf is made of either pure gold, a mixture of gold and metal alloy, or metal alloy alone (i.e., imitation gold leaf). As mentioned, gold leaf is not made with animal byproducts, however animal byproducts can sometimes be present in the manufacturing process.

Gold leaf that is deemed “vegan” is usually one whose manufacturer has avoided the use of animal byproducts in its production process. Companies like Barnabas Gold and others fit this mold, making their gold leaf 100% vegan from start to finish, throughout the manufacturing process.

Is Edible Gold Vegan?

Edible gold leaf is vegan in terms of composition but may not be vegan in terms of the way in which it was produced. To know for sure, do your research on the company you plan to buy from and look for certifications or statements that signify that the edible gold leaf you choose is indeed vegan.

If you’re lucky enough to find vegan gold leaf, feel free to use small pieces to decorate cakes, use on your body, or to communicate an air of luxury and sophistication on your chosen surface. Vegan gold leaf can be found in the form of flakes, loose leaf sheets and transfer sheets, so you can feel free to pick the type that’s best suited to your needs depending on your project.

Is Gold Leaf Suitable for Vegetarians?

Unlike vegans, vegetarians may or may not avoid gold leaf depending on its production methods. Though the final gold leaf production does not contain animal products, the manufacturing process might. Vegetarians who care about the process and the potential use of animal byproducts may avoid gold leaf for conscience sake, while others may choose to indulge with or without vegan certification.

In either event, it is important that if the potential use of animal byproducts in the manufacturing process of gold leaf bothers you, that you defer to vegan manufacturers of gold leaf instead. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the gold leaf itself is vegan and that no animal products were used in the production of the gold leaf.

Is Gold Leaf Vegan? Well …

Gold leaf is technically vegan in terms of composition, but that doesn’t mean it’s always okay for the vegan lifestyle.

Because some manufacturers may not completely avoid the use of animal byproducts during their production process, it is important that someone living a vegan lifestyle chooses to purchase their gold leaf from a company that sells vegan gold leaf.

If you’re only starting out on veganism, check out this helpful video to see if the food with edible gold on it fits the vegan lifestyle:

Here at Barnabas Gold, we offer real gold leaf sheets and imitation gold leaf sheets, both of which are certified as suitable for the vegan lifestyle.

We hope this helps!


Are other types of metal leaf vegan?

Much like gold leaf, you’ll want to check with the manufacturer concerning whether or not metal leaf is truly vegan. Metal leaf sheets such as copper leaf, silver leaf, and more may be vegan in composition but may not be in the production process. Also, you should make sure that your silver leaf is edible before attempting to eat it. This is true whether it’s vegan or not! And remember, any metal leaf containing copper is generally not considered edible so you should avoid eating it.

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