Missing the sea? The sound of the ocean? The salty smell and the feeling of riding the waves? Well, we understand your feeling. You’re itching to surf. How about having a gold surfboard made with gold leaf sheets? Not many people may have attempted to create such a surfboard. But it is definitely achievable and indeed unique. You can be the talk of the beach for years to come if you have this surfboard.

Gold leaf comes in packs of square sheets. While the cost to purchase gold leaf can vary, it probably isn’t quite as expensive as you may think. This is especially true when you consider that each sheet is made from real gold. Generally speaking, you can find a pack of 25 genuine gold leaf sheets available for between $40 and $65. The specific price can vary by manufacturer or retailer and will also depend on the purity level of the gold. 24-karat gold leaf sheets, the purest option, will be more expensive than 18-karat gold leaf sheets, for example.

Read below to find out how to claim it.

With that, check out Surfboards UK Ltd., as they will be giving away this 23.75K gold and Aerospec carbon fiber surfboard by participating in their fundraising event for NHS frontliners. For as little as £5, 100% of the proceeds will go to NHS charities, equipment like PPE for the nurses, and help towards the NHS.



Gold Surfboard made with Gold Leaf Sheets | Barnabas Blattgold

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