Edible gold paper is a hot commodity that has a variety of uses. Though the word “paper” may seem strange when referring to edibility, it really isn’t a foreign concept. In fact, people have been eating edible gold paper for years! So what is it about these gold sheets that make them so special? Stick around. We’re digging into all that and more in today’s post.

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What Is Edible Gold Paper Made of?

Gold edible paper is often made of pure gold. This is often 24k gold leaf, but can also be 23 kt gold. When consuming edible gold foil paper, it is important that the gold sheets are a genuine product. The reason for this is that a lesser karat may contain other metals not intended for human consumption.

The exception to this is if you use imitation edible gold leaf. Though not true gold, these imitation gold leaf sheets won’t harm you as they were specially formulated to be safe if eaten.

Is Gold Paper Real Gold?

Gold paper isn’t always real gold, but in many cases, it is. Edible gold leaf sheets are often made from pure gold because gold is biologically inert, meaning it won’t react negatively or positively with your biological tissue if it comes in contact with it. The result is simply that you’ll eliminate the gold when you use the bathroom, and thus, don’t need to worry about ill effects.

As mentioned before, there are varying types of gold paper you can purchase. Some are combined with a bit of silver and are still considered edible and safe, while others, namely those that are less than 23k gold, shouldn’t be consumed. This includes any gold leaf sheet sold in the craft store that isn’t specifically labeled as 23k or 24k edible gold leaf or edible imitation gold leaf sheets.

How Is Edible Gold Paper Made?

Edible gold paper is made by an extensive process that includes melting pure gold, forming it into a bar by use of mold, flattening it thin using rollers, and then pounding it by hand until the final product becomes thinner than a human hair.

edible gold paper

How Is Gold Paper Edible?

Gold paper is generally made edible one of two ways. Whether it is pure gold no less than 23 or 24 karats or the gold leaf is imitation leaf edible gold, edible gold leaf will be formulated in such a way that it will not disrupt your system and will not be harmful to your health.

Remember that loose leaf edible gold is able to be eaten due to the fact that pure gold is biologically inert. And while we wouldn’t recommend that you go chomping on the gold jewelry you have at home, gold is known to have little to no effect on the system when purified for human consumption.

Know that even if a gold product is labeled 100% pure gold that you shouldn’t just assume that the gold can be eaten. Though it shouldn’t cause you issues, a manufacturer that has labeled gold leaf as edible has undergone special refining procedures to ensure that it is indeed safe to eat. Therefore, to ensure the best quality, always buy and eat gold that is specially noted as edible gold leaf sheets.

How to Use Edible 24k Gold Paper

Now for the fun part. There are many ways to use edible gold leaf sheets. Many people love using edible gold paper for cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, and other desserts. The general use for gold paper as decoration are for cakes, cupcakes, and other goods made when baking to make them feel more special.

Another way to use edible gold leaf besides using gold edible paper for cakes is in drinks. Yes, some people actually sprinkle gold leaf flakes at the bottom of champagne glasses or directly on top of drinks. Some even apply gold leaf directly to wine and champagne glasses … but that’s for another blog.

Still, you shouldn’t limit yourself to using gold leaf sheets for decoration on cake, chocolate, drinks, and dessert only. You should know that gold leaf perfect use is for virtually any food decoration you can think of. This includes edible gold paper for steak, decorating chicken wings, and so much more.

And while it may seem hard to do, applying gold leaf paper to various foods is actually really easy. Most gold leaf doesn’t have adhesive to make it stick, but using a bit of water usually helps it adhere to most food just fine.

Just be sure to handle your gold leaf delicately when used for cooking, especially if you are doing this for the first time. Gold leaf can blow away with one breath and can even stick to your fingers. Be sure to handle it carefully and do your research before attempting to gild your food.

Where to Buy Edible Gold Leaf Paper

Gold leaf paper can be purchased online and is also often found in specialty stores. Some of these stores include craft supplies stores, but remember that not all gold leaf is created equal. You must ensure that your gold leaf is labeled “edible” in order to use it as a fine cuisine genuine product.

If you’re unsure or if the package does not say either way, try ordering online, as the details for whether or not gold paper is edible may be more explicitly described here.

Edible Gold Paper: Weird But Totally Common!

Though it may sound weird to eat gold paper, the truth is that edible gold paper has been used for years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Edible gold paper, also referred to as edible gold leaf, can be used for decorating all sorts of foods including dessert, steak, and other types of food. Use it to glam up a meal you’ve made for your friends and family, or utilize it for a special occasion when you’re dishing up something unique.

Just read reviews and package details carefully to ensure the gold leaf you’re purchasing is suitable for consumption.


Is edible gold leaf actually safe to eat?

If gold leaf sheets are labeled as edible, then they are indeed safe to eat. If, however, you see a generally named “gold leaf” that does not explicitly state that it is edible, we advise that you don’t eat it. it is better to err on the safe side when consuming gold metal.

Can gold paper be used for art?

Yes, absolutely. You can use gold paper of any sort for artwork. Nevertheless, you’ll need special adhesive to help the gold stick as gold leaf will not adhere to canvas or paper on its own. When using it for this purpose, be sure to research whether water or oil adhesive will serve your needs better, depending on the type of project you’re attempting to gild.

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