Edible Genuine Gold Leaf Sheets, 10 Sheets, Loose Leaf, 3 1/8 Inches Square Booklet

Price: $25

  • Available in 10 and 25 Sheet Loose Leaf Booklets on Amazon!
  • 10 Sheets of FINEST QUALITY 23.75 karat genuine gold loose leaf in a pack. Each sheet is 3 1/8 x 3 1/8-inch (80mm x 80mm). 10 sheets will cover approximately 2/3 of a square foot. Ships directly from Amazon USA for QUICK DELIVERY.
  • This is 23.75 karat gold which is 99% pure gold and 1% silver. This is the IDEAL CONSISTENCY for edible gold application such as cake decoration. 24k gold is too soft and the results are generally not as good.
  • USED BY PROFESSIONAL CHEFS, ideal for decorating cakes, cupcakes, confectionary, chocolate, desserts and cocktails. Give your creations the WOW FACTOR.
  • Rigid packaging PROTECTS THE LEAF in transit so it arrives in PRISTINE CONDITION.
  • Loose leaf booklet allows for EASY HANDLING. Loose leaf is best suited for applying to smaller items. If you are applying the gold leaf to something larger like a cake, we would recommend our transfer leaf booklets (see size options above).

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