Gold Foil Clutch Bag - DIY

DIY Gold Leafing Clutch Bag Tutorial

All women are in love with handbags especially the style loving ladies that owns a big collection of handbags, clutches and purses which they can use on different occasions as fashion statements. Carrying an elegant clutch in hand can really add style to your personality and fashion. Therefore, we can conclude that good-looking handbags and clutches are always a great accessory must-have for fashionistas.

However, most of these handbags, purse and clutches cost a lot – especially those that are owned by celebrities. So, instead of getting a new one, you might want to revamp your old collection or get a cheaper bag and add some flair to it. Wear that crafty hat now and simply redesign or redecorate your old clutches and make them look good and totally new like our DIY Gold Clutch Purse tutorial.

This tutorial from uses gold foil sheets to make a bare clutch look stunning and of course expensive. You will only need a few materials plus the gold leaf sheets to make this fabulous DIY craft. It’s pretty simple to follow the tutorial and besides you don’t need to break the bank just to buy a new and expensive bag.

You will definitely have fun and fall in love with this great makeover that brings your old and bare clutch look expensive. Check out the full tutorial here at