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How to Apply Metallic Leaf Sheets

Ever wonder how certain decors, crafts, or objects turn into a masterpiece bathed in golden glory? That’s the beauty and wonder of applying metallic gold leaf sheets or gilding. Maybe you are wondering how to use gold leaf or how to apply gold leaf. Gilding is considered an old-age craft skill of applying thin sheets […]

Gold Surfboard Made with Gold Leaf Sheets

Missing the sea? The sound of the ocean? The salty smell, and the feeling of riding the waves? Well, we understand your feeling. You’re itching to surf. With that, check out Surfboards UK Ltd., as they will be giving away this 23.75K gold and Aerospec carbon fiber surfboard by participating in their fundraising event for […]

The History and Art of Gilding

As an ancient art, gilding has survived through time and continued to be relevant today. Thanks to gold leaf, you can add a pop of detail to any object, which no other type of finish can accomplish. This is probably why the art of gilding survived even after a thousand years. Today, many artists mix […]

Beginners Guide to Gilding: Tips and Techniques

The physical properties of gold allow it to be hammered into thin sheets called gold leaf. This application of gold leaf to the surface of objects to improve their appearance and value is known as the art of gilding. To ensure that your object looks like its bathed in golden glory, you can either use […]